Takara Belmont's YUME IXI

by Lauren Salapatek | June 8, 2017 | Takara Belmont USA | Equipment
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The salon business is changing, and it all starts with the shampoo service. That's why Takara Belmont created the YUME IXI which has a number of features that focus not only on comfort but efficiency.

Takara Belmont's new recliner style delivers both comfort and efficiency: Now customers can experience the first-class comfort of lying back in a chair that gently envelops the body. The YUME IXI also features a space-saving footprint that ensures an easy fit in salons of all sizes and a stylist-friendly design that facilitates the shampoo process. The result is a new concept in shampoo service that will delight customers and salons alike. 

Deliver head massage service with ease: Designed to help customers relax during shampooing and rinsing, Takara Belmont shampoo units can accommodate an extensive selection of head massage services and other related services—for a unique level of comfort.

Minimalist, comfort-oriented design is shaped to fit any space, any style: Minimalist, comfort-oriented design is shaped to fit any space, any style. The YUME IXI is distinguished by its sleek horizontal lines. Despite its compact size, this shampoo unit boasts an open form that invites customers to relax. With a look that conveys stylish versatility, the simple, refined design complements any salon interior while offering comfort as only YUME IXI can.

Replace your back-wash shampoo unit without taking up additional space: At about 2,500 mm, the YUME IXI’s footprint is the same as that of other Takara Belmont back-wash shampoo units. Switching to a YUME IXI for your back-wash setup enhances comfort while allowing you to expand your menu of services to include, for example, a relaxing head massage.

Webbing technology provides comfortable seating for all: By employing seat cushions that use webbing technology to fit themselves to a customer’s body, the YUME Nagomi can comfortably accommodate customers of all sizes. The YUME Nagomi gives every customer just the right amount of support needed to lie back smoothly and comfortably into the shampoo position.

A series of independent belts supports the seat cushioning. Each belt takes in and disperses the body weight being applied to different parts of the chair at varying angles, giving customers superb seating comfort.

YUME IXI neck device offers ultimate comfort: Designed specifically for use with the recliner style, this neck device supports a customer’ s neck and head at three points with gel cushions, reducing neck strain and ensuring a truly comfortable shampoo experience.

Easy-to-use bowl design: The shower head is located at the back of the bowl, making it easy to shampoo customers from any position. There’s also a thermostat tap on the right side of the bowl for adjusting the temperature of the water and a water flow tap on the left side. 

Adjustable shower head for efficient shampooing: The shower head offers one-touch switching between a gentle low-splash foaming mode and a high-pressure shower mode.

Drain cap opens and closes with an easy turn: With just a quick turn of the shampoo bowl’s newly designed drain cap, water can be easily saved or drained. The new design also allows water to drain more quietly than previously possible. 

Foot control switch enables quick seat adjustments: With the foot control switch, the recline of the chair can be quickly adjusted to the most suitable position, while the customer’s head stays fully supported. 

Footstep assists customers who might need it: For customers under 158 centimeters tall, this slide-out footstep can make it easier to get in and out of the chair smoothly and to sit comfortably. 

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