Sexy Hair Announces Two New Products: Fun Sexy Hair Mermaid Glow Getter and Healthy Sexy Hair Surfrider

by MODERN Staff | March 14, 2018 | Sexy Hair Concepts | TextureFinishing Products
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Amp up your festival and beach game this summer with Sexy Hair’s two new products: Fun Sexy Hair Mermaid Glow Getter and Healthy Sexy Hair Surfrider.

The limited-edition glitter gel is perfect for a sea of concerts, dance parties or even prom, thanks to its high-shine sparkles and mess-free application. The iridescent turquoise enhances even the darkest of hair colors. Mermaid Glow Getter comes complete in a squeeze tube with a brush tip applicator, allowing for precise dispersal on all hair types. Simply squeeze the tube directly onto hair roots at the part. Use the mess-free brush tip applicator to apply to the desired area and let dry.

But when you’re going for more of an effortless look, Surfrider will make all your dreams of beach-bombshell hair come true. The lightweight, dry texturizing spray provides texture and definition. Spray into dry hair, tousle and reapply as needed. Visit

Ecru Texture Dry Texture Spray


Ecru Dry Texture Spray

Ecru New York

Holiday parties and statement hairstyles are around the corner! For added volume, ECRU New York Dry Texture Spray delivers a weightless, ultra-dry formula creating invisible texture and volume.

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