3 Hair Painting Must-Haves to Add to Your Arsenal

In the world of seemingly endless Instagram inspiration, standing out from the crowd can sometimes be a challenge. Atlanta-based colorist Kayluh Stewart knows a thing or two about making a name for yourself, (there's a reason she's the toasted coconut queen).

The artistry behind hair painting requires mad skill. With just three tools from Product Club, you can seriously bring your A-game. The brand's JetBlack Disposable Vinyl Gloves, Balayage Paint Brushes and new Color Mixer helps artists achieve more dependable results that will change the way they paint hair forever.

The gloves are specially designed for the colorist who wants the perfect fit and a durable glove.

“These are my favorite gloves yet,” Stewart says. “Not only are they longer than traditional gloves, but the length ensures I don’t get color all over my wrist. They’re also thicker and more durable than the average glove so my acrylic nails won’t pop through.”

The real gamechanger for Stewart is the chip brush. Available in 2- and 3-inch widths, the brushes can handle a heavier saturation, thanks to bristles that are thick and synthetic to help speed application time.

“The best thing about the brushes is they don’t fray,” Stewart says. “I use them daily, and they’re still in perfect condition.”

The brand's newest offering, the Color Mixer is the solution to clumpy lightener. It takes color or lightener and mixes mixes it to a creamy consistency. It’s also designed to control dust while mixing and eliminates breathing in fumes and splattering.

Here, Stewart demos the three products in action for a stunning, high-contrast balayage result:

For this color melt, Steward began by mixing Truss lightener 1:1 ,and used the Product Club color mixer, for a faster more smooth consistency of paint.

She then sectioned the hair and began the balayage using the 2- inch chip brush from Product Club. "Using this brush gave me complete control of my application," she says. "The bristles are super smooth but thick, which ensures the max coverage of hair for the max amount of lift."

While painting, Stewart says she tends to use her hand her palette to pick up paint. "Product Club's gloves are a bit longer than most gloves, so they cover more of the wrist area," she says. "That's a huge plus for me because I tend to get lightener all the way on there, too!"

After painting  pieces throughout her client's head, Steward says the hair processed for an hour without heat. For a seamless blend, she then root shadowed her client, and melted her color into a seamless, bright blonde. 

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