Color correction by Laurie Percoco (@Looksbylaurie)
Color correction by Laurie Percoco (@Looksbylaurie)

This beauty came in for a consultation after receiving a service at another local salon where she was left under a dryer for too long,” Laurie Percoco (@Looksbylaurie) of Posh POSH Color Studio, Easton, Penn says. “She became over processed. The crown had so much breakage that her hair would not lay down and stuck out all over the place.” Percoco adds that chunks of hair had burned off and there were bands of brassy shades throughout, but it was the breakage in the crown that really troubled her. “How on earth do I help disguise that to bring back her confidence while we work on the integrity of her hair?”

Here is what Percoco did to try to make her client look and feel better:

STEP 1: From the occipital bone down, lighten with a 10 volume developer and Joico’s Blonde Life Lightener, (B3 Brazilian Bond Builder added to protect her hair from further damage.) Process for 12 minutes. “From the occipital bone up, I decided that the integrity of her hair was more important than evening out the tone, especially because of all that breakage in the crown.

STEP 2: “A shadow root! I decided that the best way to disguise that breakage was to blend!” Apply Pravana Chromasilk Shades 6 and 6.22 equal parts with 10 volume developer at the root. Process for 25 minutes.

STEP 3: Apply Redken Shades EQ 8N, 8V, and 8GI to tone and achieve that perfect blend and disguise the broken pieces in the top. “I used my favorite tool, the W.O.W. Comb, to blend the root and blonde ends together seamlessly!” Process for 15 minutes.

STEP 4: Apply a B3 Brazilian Bond Builder treatment for additional conditioning.

Percoco points out that “Although it doesn’t hide the damage 100%, we were able to give her confidence back in just the first session!! I explained to this client the importance of at home care and sent her home with everything she needs for success!”

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