Stylists say they look for three main things in their jobs. They want to work for a salon that offers ways to grow their careers. They want an employer that offers continuing education, in order to stay on top of trends. And they want to have fun! Amanda Friendshuh is the Director of Technical and Operational Success at Sport Clips. Kayla Drost is a Sport Clips Ambassador. They agree that Sport Clips—which, by the way, Glassdoor has named one of the best places to work in 2019—offers the top three things on stylists’ wish lists, and more.

SportClips’ annual Huddle is a chance for team member to gather and have a blast! Here are some highlights from the 2019 Huddle in Las Vegas.

At Sport Clips, there are many career opportunities that take stylists beyond the chair. For example, Kayla Drost is a member of the Sport Clips Ambassador Team, responsible for going into local beauty schools and sharing industry knowledge with cosmetology students. She has been with Sport Clips for 12 years, and now, as a Lead Ambassador, she manages the team of Sport Clips Brand Ambassadors in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. “We set up selection and training for Ambassadors,  coordinate beauty school presentations and organize giveaways, prizes and fun recruiting events in our area,” Kayla explains. She says the work is exciting and rewarding. “One of the most memorable things to happen to me was when one of the students we met at a presentation became a team member and Brand Ambassador for Sport Clips,” she says. “And as an Ambassador, getting to share my story and teach others about men’s hair and trends adds a whole new level to my career! We have fun and get to share the Sport Clips culture in our community!”

Whether a Sport Clips team member is looking for technical training, presentation and teaching skills or guidance as a manager, it’s Amanda (Mandy) Friendshuh’s job to make sure the training they need is available. “I’m really the head coach for the coaches,” she laughs. Because Sport Clips is committed to meeting each stylist where they are currently, there are always a variety of trainings available. “We have everything from Core Classes for basic men’s cutting skills to advanced classes for the latest trends,” Mandy explains. “If you want to be a manager or leader in a store, you can take  non-technical classes that help build leadership skills. You can join Brand Ambassador trainings where you are taught presentation skills and how to keep the next generation of stylists engaged in their new careers.  We have training for stylists who want to support the stylists inside the store. It teaches you how to train in the moment and help build the technical skills of your co-workers. There’s even an intensive Core Camp for team members who are new to men’s cutting.” Bottom line? “If you have passion and want to be a part of something,” says Mandy, “we have a place for you.”

Above all, Sport Clips stylists have a blast. The annual Huddle is one example. According to Mandy, the Huddle is an opportunity for all Sport Clips owners, managers and coaches to come together in a fabulous place like the recent gathering in Las Vegas. “We charge our batteries, celebrate what we’ve done and learn what we’ll be doing,” she explains. “Ours is a culture of fun so we love to play games and be silly. This year I was a game show host for a game with some of our company’s leaders like company president Edward Logan! We also get training from some of the top educators in the business. This year, for example, industry professional, Fumi Eguchi flew all the way from Japan and taught us about scissor handling, dexterity and body position. It was really cool!”

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