Sexy Hair Artists Create the Perfect Cut on Him and the Perfect Set on Her to Give Countless...

Sometimes a trim may turn in to an opportunity to tweak a shape and give a client tips on how to style his own hair for fresh and interesting shapes.

“Versatility is key for the male client today,” says Rafe Hardy, Sexy Hair Artistic Director. “Giving him the option go sleek or having a bit of texture is what the modern man wants.”

It all begins with the cut.

“A low taper was designed to maximize versatility with his hair texture,” Hardy says about his model. Once cut, gentle texture and natural movement can be achieved by manipulating the hair with the fingers with a dryer on a low-speed setting.

“A more polished look with a bit more volume and refinement can be achieved by stretching the hair with your fingers and using a high-heat setting on the blow dryer.”

Hardy says maintaining the length on top offers multiple styling options including a more retro red-carpet gelled look.

“This is simple and straight forward,” says Hardy who used the Style Sexy Hair men's collection for this shoot.

“Tools and products are key to this design, and there are many choices to create that timeless final end result.”
Dawn Atkinson, Sexy Hair international master artist, created the looks on our female model, designing flawless finishes from what she describes as a perfect set.

“This set is a quick and easy and can be done on any medium-to-long-haired client,” Atkinson says. “It will set up any stylist for success on prom or wedding day as it provides beautiful soft movement to the hair that’s modern and fresh.”

Atkinson used that set as the base for all the silhouettes shown here. For her favorite, the more structured finish, Atkinson creates a look that is a bit more formal yet still soft so that it can be worn for any special occasion.

“Clients are beginning to step out more when it comes to up-styles,” Atkinson says. “They are asking for looks that push the boundaries of what’s expected or typical.”

Atkinson also wanted to create something that would be an inspiration for the creative hairdresser.

“Dual textures or a balance of sleek combined with texture variations provide an element of surprise which is very appealing to the eye,” Atkinson adds.

Many of the finishes seen here feature what Atkinson calls the perfect accessory: tape-in extensions.

“Clients who just want a pop of color without commitment have an alternative with tape-in extensions,” she says. “I colored the extensions with Living Coral, the color of the year, to add a beautiful summer vibe into our modern waves. Clients can choose a subtle feel with just a few extensions, or a more intense color change using brighter natural tones. The color options are near limitless with natural hair extensions because you can color them any shade and pop them in anytime.” 

Lash artist Raylene Cravens added lash to both models. See her beautiful lash transformation in the Lash Magic how-to.

Hair: Rafe Hardy, Sexy Hair artistic director
Assistant: Dawn Atkinson, Sexy Hair international master artist
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for Face Atelier
Fashion styling: Sabine Feuilloley
Fashion: Uniqlo, Donna Zhong, Nautica, H&M, Susana Collina, Preston & Linnie, Ben Sherman, Penguin, Bar III, Dissimilis and white floral dress designed by Feuilloley
Nails: Leonobi Galvez for Essie
Lash artist: Raylene Cravens for NovaLash

Products & Tools:
Shears: Takari
Blending shears: Fan Out
Clipper: Wahl cordless 100th anniversary clippers
Trimmer: BabylissPRO
Blow dryer: Style Lock Pro by Sexy Hair
Shampoo: Style Sexy Hair 4Some Wash
Color for extensions: Equal parts Pravana Direct Dyes Pink and Neon Orange with Clear to adjust intensity
Stylers: Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Lite Soft Volumizing & Texturizing Powder; Hot Sexy Hair Support Me and Control Me hairspray; Healthy Sexy Hair Styling Paste Texture Paste; Style Sexy Hair Not So Hard Up, Convertible Creme and Hard Up
Extensions: Great Lengths GL Apps
Lash Extensions: NovaLash

Get a little "behind the scenes" as the lashes are applied to our male model:

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