How to Finish a Comb Over Fade

It's no secret that Texas barber Michael Kelley crafts sick fades. His @m.r.k.thebarber Instagram account has more than 91k followers and 3,000 posts including tutorials and tips for branding yourself as a barber. In addition to showing techniques on cutting and clipping, Kelley demonstrates how he finishes his clients' hair. Using Sexy Hair's new line, Style Sexy Hair Made for Men, Kelley is able to give his styles the perfect touch.

The collection features products enhanced with fragrance notes such as bergamot, amber, musk and sandalwood. The products include a  4-1 hair, body face and beard wash that helps clients streamline the shower routine. There is also a Polished Up Pomade, which is a water-based formula that helps keep styles polished, and a Convertible Crème, which is perfect for adding texture. 

"The 4Some 4-1 wash is a no-brainer for me because I'm a huge fan of practicality and simplicity," Kelley says. "The pomade is perfect for formal occasions. I like the way it applies to hair--it's not too heavy or too light.

In this video below, Kelly uses the Convertible Creme and 4-1 wash to finish the fade:

Step 1-  After wetting the hair and cutting it to the desired length, blow dry with heat and roll hair to side.

Step 2-  Create guides for the fade: 1 1/2 and skin.

Step 3-  Continue fade and lineup.

Step 4-  Grab a finger size amount of Sexy Hair Convertible Crème and style!

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