Volume is the name of the game when it comes to blowouts. Creating signature bouncy curls is a major client request, and Massachusetts-based stylist Kim Bruce has mastered the technique. 

Bruce is also no stranger to the potential damaging factors that come with regular blowouts. That's why we knew she'd be the perfect fit to take Bio Ionic's new GrapheneMX Collection on a test drive.

“The tools in this collection are must-haves for stylists,” Bruce says. “I can’t get enough of them.”

The tools take the fear of heat away, thanks to proprietary, naturally developed mineral complexes that leave hair healthy and conditioned. The new line includes a dryer, styling iron and brushes. The technology holds a consistent heat level without recovery time, so hair is exposed to heat for a shorter time while creating a more uniform style. Boasting up to 68% less damage, hair is left healthy, hydrated and softer than before.

“The brushes are my favorite,” Bruce says. “The handle has a triangular shape, which makes it ultra comfortable when doing a blowout. The bristles are soft enough that they don’t scratch a client’s scalp while also being firm enough to grab the hair and blow dry it with tension.This ultra powerful lightweight blow dryer does not get crazy hot so the hair is left in pristine condition!"

In this video, Bruce creates the perfect bouncy blowout:

Follow these steps to recreate this signature look:

  1. Begin by using a leave-in conditioner on the ends and spraying the roots with a root volumizer for added body.
  2. Rough dry the hair until it is about 80% dry and then use the new Bioionic GrapheneMX large round brush, taking 1 inch sections starting in the front lifting and over directing it back for added volume, continuing this through the crown, then finishing the back last. PRO TIP: "I do the front first because I don’t want it drying too much because then it would be too flat on the head and not have enough body," Bruce says.
  3. Once dried spray the hair with a heat protectant and start with 1-inch sections curling away from the face using the Bioionic GrapheneMX flat iron."The GrapheneMX is infused into the plates of this flat iron, allowing for ultimate styling results at a lower temperature," Bruce says. 
  4. Continue curling the head all over, alternating curl direction for a lived-in curl.
  5. Let the cool for a couple minutes.
  6. Spray them with a working spray and have your client flip her head over and shake out the curls for separation and volume. Once flipped back, add in a light oil on the mids and ends for added shine.
  7. Finish with a light finishing spray.


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