Eric Jeter rented a salon studio for two and a half years until he realized he missed the camaraderie of other stylists. Lauren Correll joined a JCPenney Salon right out of cosmetology school, and now, as a salon manager, brings her enthusiasm for the company and the profession to her team. Both agree they wouldn’t change the unique combination of independence, teamwork, opportunity and family spirit the company offers for anything.

“When you work in a booth, you're by yourself,” says Eric. “I love working around other stylists. I love talking about hair, bouncing formulas or ideas off each other. I love the Saturdays when everyone has clients, and we're all talking. We’re family.”

Lauren started her career as a stylist and then discovered her passion for leadership. “I'm focused on my salon all the time,” she reveals. “I think this is what I’ll always do, whether it’s getting our salon to a million dollars, running a bigger salon or a salon in another area.” Eric always felt a pull toward education. As an Artistic Lead Educator, he now conducts classes throughout his district. “People believed in me,” he recalls. “One of our field managers, Leah Gibbs, always pushed me toward education. She said, ‘I can tell you’re destined for greatness.’ She was always behind me 100 percent.”

Education is essential at every stage of a beauty professional’s career and Lauren says it’s all there at the Salon by InStyle. “There are tons of classes for stylists and not only does the company pay for the classes, they pay us to take the classes,” she says. “You never have to worry about covering your bills while you’re away from work. And there’s tons of training for those of us who are leaders. They give us tools for success and whenever we have questions, we can reach out and get answers quickly.”

“I grew up in this industry and I’ve been on the outside,” says Eric. “So I know you just don’t get these benefits, education and opportunities anywhere else.” And for Lauren, it’s about vision. “I really feel like this company gets it, you know? Like they have the recipe for success.”


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