Christiana Sayyah @glitter_artist

Christiana Sayyah @glitter_artist

Christiana Sayyah of Marietta, Georgia, is best known for her vibrant color work but she also  works bridal full-time year-round, as well as airbrush makeup application. She’s been focusing more on “total look” content creation—adding in makeup, wardrobe and accessories into her finishes to take it to the next level. Her audience follows her for what she calls her “geeky nature” and love of unicorns, rainbows, mermaids and anything “mythical, magical and outside the box.”

Christiana Sayyah


Glitter & Geeks Salon

Marietta, Georgia

Specialty: Vibrants

Top-performing post: My most engaged post is a video of me applying vibrant hair color to a beard.

Favorite apps: Photo Blender to do side-by-sides with no harsh lines. InShot for video creation since I’m an Android user and love it. You can add video, photos, music and text to your video, and even some fun fx.

I follow: @betty_blades @garrettkenroach @geeksgetglam @stasiartistry @mslameylynn

Christiana Sayyah @glitter_artist

Christiana Sayyah @glitter_artist

Pro tip: If you have a cool idea like putting someone in rainbow lipstick or dressing them in a costume for the whole “look” of the photo, do it! I’ve been getting more into styling with hair models and that has made a huge difference in engagement. Doing not just their hair, but giving them an entire look with makeup, wardrobe and accessories is both unique and so much fun.

Hidden talent: I work bridal full-time year-round as well as being in salon and educating. I do airbrush makeup exclusively for weddings and love that it keeps me actively doing makeup.

Fun fact: I used to be the lead singer of a hard rock band when I was 19-21 and basically wanted to be Amy Lee from Evanescence. I played cello for 10 years and was going to start school for music before I ever entertained the idea of doing hair.

My audience follows me because: They appreciate my geeky nature and most likely love unicorns, rainbows, mermaids and anything mythical, magical and outside the box.

How social media changed my life: Since I’m 34, I’m in the middle of the generation who never had social media growing up and the generation who always had it. Social media has afforded me and all stylists opportunities that were never as accessible in the past. Companies can now see your work in seconds and that is an invaluable tool. Social media has allowed me to connect with people I now refer to as my hair fam and that means the world to me.

My first @modernsalon feature: The look was a pastel hair color named Butterfly in the Wind. The hair is adorned with a butterfly crown and is a ’90s vibe. I got the notification of the feature and lost my mind from excitement and emotion! I had no clue the feature was going to happen and it made me so happy to be recognized.

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