Heather Schmick @heatherhairandbridalstylist

Heather Schmick @heatherhairandbridalstylist

Bridal? Check. Balayage? Check. Extensions? Check. Heather Schmick (@heatherhairandbridalstylist) is certainly a jack of all trades! For all of the above, she stresses the importance of social media, crediting it to helping fill her book.

Heather Schmick


Heather Schmick Your Hair and Bridal Stylist, Spokane, Washington

Specialty: Balayage and bridal

Top-performing post: I posted a client with pink hair that I had done then posted the following day the same person but with a tint back/reverse balayage.

Favorite apps: Facetune to perfect or edit lighting , blemishes, blurring the background; Preview app for seeing my grid of nine when organizing posts and captions; Unfold for IG stories

I follow: @domdomhair @prettylittleombre @mane_ivy @topknotbalayage @tonyastylist

Heather Schmick @heatherhairandbridalstylist

Heather Schmick @heatherhairandbridalstylist

Pro tip: Make sure you are posting in line with your brand/style of hair. Post what you want to attract and make sure you post when your audience is most active. Make sure you are consistent when posting. Hashtag what you want to attract—local for gaining clients and industry-related for brand and inspiration page recognition. Engaging with followers is very important as well.

Hidden talent: A client told me she timed my curling speed, and it was 3 minutes flat lol (curled and styled boho).

My audience follows me because: I think they like to see my before-and-afters in my stories and the variety of updos and balayage on my posts are always catchy too. I’ve done a lot of styled shoots too, which makes for different content, which I feel people enjoy.

How social media changed my life: I can honestly say that I built my clientele off of social media. It is a great way to showcase ones portfolio while marketing locally all while spending nothing on the actual platform. I’ve been able to own in on my brand and post pictures that reflect my brand. It’s allowed for me to gain recognition from brands and being featured on their pages. Networking locally through Instagram is a game-changer as well—especially with bridal!

My first @modernsalon feature: I had done an updo about three years ago that was featured on MODERN, and I couldn’t believe it. I had just won the scholarship to the Sharon Blain boot camp, and the next day one of my updos was featured on MODERN. It was a very inspiring week for me, and I reflect on that often. MODERN’s Best of the Fest was more so the catapult which has been my driving force lately.

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