Melanie Sorrow @melaniesorrowhair

Melanie Sorrow @melaniesorrowhair

A rose by any other name may as well be called Melanie Sorrow (@melaniesorrowhair). Not only are her creations as beautiful as bouquets of flowers (not to mention braiding heaps of hair rosettes in her updos), Sorrow’s hidden talent includes growing real ones in her garden. Oh yes, these beautiful, romantic styles are certainly sweet!

Melanie Sorrow


Braselton, Georgia

Specialty: Bridal hair, updos, braids

Top-performing post: A brunette wig with two fishtail braids wrapped around like a crown and a succulent to accent. I think one reason it went viral is because I posted it on a Friday night, and I used the right hashtags.

Favorite app: Video Editor is easy for me to use in editing my videos.

I follow: braidedandblonde, @beautybyhaleygarber, @theupdogirl, @lalasupdos, @jayne_edosalon

Melanie Sorrow @melaniesorrowhair

Melanie Sorrow @melaniesorrowhair

Pro tip: Always use outside light if possible! Even if you’re inside, get close to the window and let the natural light hit the hair. I’ve found good results by using different hashtags mixed in with my regular ones on every post—switch up the hashtags!

Hidden talent: I’m great at doing men’s hair cuts. I love doing scissor-over-comb to make the lines disappear and make a man’s hair cut neat.

My audience follows me because: I post beautiful, romantic styles that are fresh. I also feel like my photography brings my art to a different level. I think my posts are always positive and happy. I never take myself too seriously, and I think people like that too.

How social media changed my life: It has brought me more clients and more opportunities. It has also kept me busy posting my styles and coming up with new creations—I feel motivated to create more.

My first @modernsalon feature: January 18, 2019 was the first time I got featured. It was my pink wig on my mannequin head. I let pieces of hair fall out of the braids so it looked soft and romantic. My favorite thing in the world is when the hair looks organic, like the style just sort of happened, but there’s a purposeful design in it as well.

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