Danielle Canseco @danielleemilie

 Danielle Canseco @danielleemilie 

 Danielle Canseco @danielleemilie

Danielle Canseco (@danielleemilie) loves all doing all kinds of hair but is best known for her brunette finishes that are anything but simple. Her most engaged post, a face framed balayage, was perfectly toned with blue-violet undertones, making it interesting for the professional and digestible for the consumer.

Danielle Canseco


Three the Salon, San Diego

Specialty: Brunette Specialist

Top-performing post: My post with the most engagement was face framing foils with a balayage. I toned using a neutral with a blue-violet special mix. I feel like the photo was such a hit on social media because of the bold-face frame and how well the tones complimented my beautiful client.

Favorite apps: Snapseed and Facetune two are my favorite apps for creating beautiful posts for Instagram. Snapseed is great for cleaning up the background on photos of my work so that my work is highlighted, and people aren’t distracted by shadows. I use Facetune 2 to lightly remove any blemishes on my client/model’s skin. These two apps help produce the perfect shot without retouching or editing the hair in any of my photos.

I follow: @haley_marshall, @styledby_debbe, @mizzchoi, @mikaatbhc, @kalicolourshair

Danielle Canseco @danielleemilie

 Danielle Canseco @danielleemilie

 Danielle Canseco @danielleemilie

Pro tip: Do whatever it takes to get the perfect capture of your art! Play with different lighting and angles in direct, natural light is my favorite. When I know I’m going to be doing a project that I want to show off, I make sure to book them earlier in the day, so I’ll finish in time to capture the work with good lighting. Sometimes I look silly posing my clients in busy areas, holding up my hand or a piece of paper to diffuse the light, but “you gotta do what you gotta do!”

Hidden talent: I don’t know if this is a hidden talent, but I work very neatly. I couldn’t be messy with any color application even if I tried. Although this sounds like a great thing, my hidden talent slows me down sometimes.

Fun fact: I can rotate my hand 360° and move my eyebrows in wave motions! It’s become a party trick now, and I get requests to do them both.

My audience follows me because: My brunette work gets the best engagement on social media, and I think people really love to see the rich, bold tones I produce on my clients. The feedback I get is that there aren’t as many stylists who work on brunettes, and I create natural, lived in color that can be difficult to achieve.

How social media changed my life: It allows me to display my work and gain my clientele from people seeing the hair they want. It’s a great feeling for someone to find my work among millions of hair posts and say, “I want that!” It has been an amazing way to build my business, while bringing people to my chair who already had an appreciation for my work. I’m also grateful for social media giving us the space to share @three_coloreducation, an online color education platform I started with @jamesmould and @haley_marshall this year. We’ve built our entire business around our Instagram following, and I’m so grateful to have the ability to bring our education to more stylists around the world.

My first @modernsalon feature: I remember my first share with MODERN SALON! It definitely felt like one of my greatest accomplishments. To top that off, MODERN Salon used that same photo in an article, “20 Lobs We Love”! They captioned my photo “The girl next door, but boosted a few notches,” which described the look I was going for perfectly. The look was a natural-toned balayaged lob, finished with flat ironed waves and a super cute ear tuck.

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