2019 MODERN SALON 100: Alaina Walker @ssscoundrel
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Alaina Walker @ssscoundrel

When not coloring hair, Alaina Walker, @ssscoundrel, can be found playing roller derby – her hidden talent that she does not keep secret. “I could post about my hair content, then post about my derby activities. Either way, with whatever I am posting, every bit has a lot of passion behind it!”

Alaina Walker


Headlines Hair Design, Denton, Texas

Specialty: Creative color and blondes

Top-performing post: My most engaged post was what I called “majestic purple.” It was a metallic violet with pieces of pastel blue, light mauve and lilac ribboned throughout. It was a post that received 920 likes, reached close to 15,000 people and had 288 saves. It was quite the post for me, numbers wise! It still has me scratching my head, but I think it had so much engagement due to the symmetry of the photo, which can be eye catching and had my clean white back drop as well.

Favorite apps: Facetune, VSCO and Quik. I have used VSCO for years, even before I began the path to an online hair portfolio. I love it because it’s a great tool to use for just the basic editing, such as lighting and contrast for my photos. Facetune is also a fantastic editing tool. I like to use it for finer detailing for my photos, such as smoothing out the flyaways or cleaning up my white/black backdrop. Quik is an app I like using for my video content. It’s my favorite because there isn’t much thinking to it. Simply select the videos you would like to put together, and it compiles all of it to make one video of some of the transformations and creations from start to finish. You also have the option of even more editing and fine tuning, but for something super quick, it’s a perfect app!

I follow: @sydneyannlopezhair, @theplatinumgiraffe, @uggoff, @_p_i_g_m_e_n_t_, @caitlinfordhair

2019 MODERN SALON 100: Alaina Walker @ssscoundrel
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Alaina Walker @ssscoundrel
Pro tip: My tips on getting the best results on a post would be to post early in the morning (before people get up because then you’re the first thing they see in their feed.) I tag all the hair pages that I would love to be seen by and use all 30 of my hashtags. The most obvious hashtags relating to my post are in my caption, such as #rainbowhair, #joicocolorintensity, #modernsalon, etc. Now as far as my content/photos go, for best results, I make sure to have the white or black backdrop (lately the white is my favorite to use.) For lighting, good indirect natural light is best. Direct sunlight can cause some photos to be too bright/harsh and will not do my hair color any justice.

Hidden talent: A hidden talent of mine that not a lot of people know about is being very knowledgeable and skilled in the art of men’s haircuts!

Fun fact: Skating and playing roller derby. I can definitely skate better backward than forward!

My audience follows me because: I’d like to think the reason my audience likes to follow me is because of my versatility, authenticity and passion. I can have a super edgy pixie that may have a splash of color as one post but then may post something that is a long and more natural with softer curls. Or I could post about my hair content, then post about my derby activities. Either way, with whatever I am posting, every bit has a lot of passion behind it!

How social media changed my life: Oh man, where do I start? Social media has made a huge impact on my life. It has gotten me a lot more clients and the color clientele I’ve been looking for. I have received numerous free products from different lines to try out. Also its’ great to connect with other great stylists.

My first @modernsalon feature: I remember this like it was yesterday, and it’s been close to a year since my first feature. I remember it was a Sunday, my day off, and I remember checking my Instagram, and the first thing that popped up was a tag. I went to check it and saw that MODERN SALON had posted one of my fashion balayage creations. I sat in shock, because I couldn’t believe that I was actually featured on Modern’s Insta. I actually refreshed the page to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and it was still there. My work! I remember sitting and staring at it in disbelief for about two or three minutes. My salon owner, Sydney, tagged me in the comments cheering me on! Shortly after that, still sitting in shock, she texted me a screenshot telling me I got my first feature. The hair that got me my first feature was a vivid balayage that was mainly navy blue with some rainbow panels. The palette we had going was very tropical and beach inspired. Still one of my favorites to this day.

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