Marissa Pusateri @marissapusateri

Marissa Pusateri @marissapusateri

Marissa Pusateri @marissapusateri

If you took a quick peek at Marissa Pusateri’s Instagram feed, you’d never know she’s still relatively new to the hair industry. The Pittsburgh-based artist is full of spunk and creativity, and she’s willing to share her knowledge with her followers and through classes she teaches. But despite her early success, Pusateri is humble and grateful for the opportunities she’s been given. Her down-to-earth personality makes her an artist we love working with, and we can’t wait to see her reach even greater heights.

Marissa Pusateri


Coda Beauty Bar, Pittsburgh

Specialty: Balayage, Ombre, Blonding, Color Transformations

Top-performing post: Dark to Blonde -the reality. I documented the process of my client going from previously colored dark hair to blonde and what the reality of dealing with permeant color and banding is like. It went viral from @lisalovesbalayage finding and reposting my picture on her page. Once Lisa reposted my picture, the amount of reposts and shares the picture received was insane! I went from just hitting 9,0000 followers to 14,000 in a few days!

Favorite apps: Blur Photo Background to focus the picture on the hair not what’s going on in the background!

I follow: @justinemarjan, @antonina_romanova_, @cynthialumzy, @lisalovesbalayage

Marissa Pusateri @marissapusateri

Marissa Pusateri @marissapusateri

Marissa Pusateri @marissapusateri

Pro tip: Picture quality must be clean and crisp. Natural lighting is the best. Blurring the background of the photo helps keep the focus on the hair!

Hidden talent: I’m obsessed with styling hair. It is my favorite part of my clients’ color service. I can knock out a full head of curls in five minutes.

My audience follows me because: I post my journey and the reality of working with clients. I also enjoy motivating others to keep going and to reach their goals!

How social media changed my life: It has opened new doors for me, and it has also connected me with stylists from all over the world! It’s also a great way to keep yourself motivated and to get inspired.

My first @modernsalon feature: It was in 2017 when I colored my client’s hair into this ocean melt color, which is still to this day, one of my favorite looks. I remember MODERN SALON popped up on my phone, and I couldn’t believe that such a big platform noticed my work and reposted it. It pushed me to wanting to create and do more.

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