A quick scroll through Melissa Eppers' Instagram feed, and it's obvious vibrant colors are her passion. The Georgia-based colorist, who used to be a DJ, has a knack for taking her clients bolder and brighter. 

Melissa Eppers 


Rogue Hair Studio

Marietta, Georgia

Specialty: Vibrant hair color and transformations

Top-performing post: My most engaged post this year is of a Rainbow Glam look, I think it got so much engagement because the model is beautiful, and style was glam with a hidden rainbow and muted tones. So it was different and so I think stood out.

I follow: @makeupbyfrances @deathbycouture @yayahan @stephhstyles @shmeggsandbacon

Pro tip: Best advice would be lighting and always be yourself. If you are not being authentic people will not want to follow you or engage. 

Fun fact: I used to be a DJ lol! 

My audience follows me because: I think my audience likes me because I'm a geek from table top gaming to syfy shows and cosplay. And I'm not afraid to be who I am or share what I love and I love people. 

How social media changed my life: Well social media has changed my life by seeming less weird when I take pictures of clients, I have somewhere for the pictures to go lol!!! The biggest part really is I no longer feel alone in the industry I have been working for myself for 13 of the 16 yrs I have been doing hair and for a lot of the time I was by myself so meeting so people and seeing how much people appreciate my work and who I am is amazing! 

My first @modernsalon feature: I think one if the first times was when I did a series of Flower Inspo collages because at the time not a lot of people were doing that so it was cool to have so much support. And when I got a campaign with Mattell one summer to do real life Monster High Doll inspirations. You guys reposted them all and did an article, it was so awesome. You guys have always supported me and my art! 

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