Johannesburg, South Africa-based Candice McKay’s 2019 collection, The Factory, is a colorful and ode to the 1970’s creatives. A celebration of youth and a freedom from society’s norms, The Factory takes its name from Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’, a gathering place for intellectuals, playwrights, Bohemians, rock stars and freethinkers. In its heyday, The Factory was frequented by these and other muses such as Edie Sedgwick, Mick Jagger and Debbie Harry; many of whom were photographed by iconic photographer Nat Finkelstein and Finkelstein’s images, heavily influenced Candice’s collection.

It was important to McKay that color was the driving force behind the collection. And, in the season of fall fashion, textures, patterns and finishes complement the hues. 


Hair: Candice McKay

Photography: John Rawson

Make-Up: Maddie Austin

Styling: Jamie Russell

Images: FPA