Kenra Color NEW Simply Blonde Beyond Bond

by MODERN Staff | September 19, 2019 | Kenra Professional | Chemical Services
Kenra Color's NEW Simply Blonde Beyond Bond

Kenra Color's NEW Simply Blonde Beyond Bond

Kenra Color introduces the NEW Simply Blonde Beyond Bond: featuring integrated DUALBOND technology that not only repairs the broken bonds from within the hair but seals the outer cuticle for maintained hair conditioner. Polycare Split is the active ingredient that aids in the outer bonding which allows for better color deposition and longevity post blonding service. Simply Blonde Beyond Bond Lightener works in conjunction with 20V and 30V Developer to deliver 9+ levels of lift in a single application for dramatic blonding versatility.


Inner Bonding: L-Argenine

  • Mends & heals inner cuticle
  • Targets selected broken bonds

Outer Bonding: Polycare Split

  • Seals & protects outer cuticle
  • Over 50% more manageability
  • Leaves hair 28% smoother


Kenra Color Simple Blonde Beyond Bond is available September 2019 at a salon near you. Visit for salon locator and additional information.

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