Thanks to ongoing free training and support from her team and company, Cassie McIntosh feels all...

Thanks to ongoing free training and support from her team and company, Cassie McIntosh feels all her goals are within reach.

Many stylists struggle with the juggle—finding the time they need to build their careers plus the time they need to nurture their families. As a Master Stylist at The Salon by InStyle in Las Vegas, Cassie McIntosh has earned the right to schedule her time to fit the needs of her clients and her family, and she’s grateful to the company that makes it possible.  

When Cassie was starting her career, it was her mother-in-law who pointed her in the direction of the Salon by InStyle. “She went to a JCPenney salon in Florida and she saw how much all the stylists loved working there and loved each other,” says Cassie. “She kept saying, ‘You’ve got to go to JCPenney.’ I did and I’m so glad. Everyone is great. It’s like having another family.”

Cassie started her career at Salon by InStyle at the Designer level, and from day one was determined to move up. “It took hard work and consistency,” she says. “But I kept busy and kept at it.”

The result of Cassie’s hard work was a promotion that gives her the flexibility and freedom that few commissioned stylists can claim. “One of the best days of my career was learning I made Master Stylist,” she remembers. “It changed my life. Now I can set goals, I earn a great commission and I have the flexibility to set my schedule so I can go to my daughter’s soccer games and hang out with my husband. I love it!”

“I don’t have family close by,” says Cassie. “So if I my daughter gets sick or needs me, I have to figure it out. The company understands that, and they have my back.”

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