Joy and Frank Warner, owned Frank Anthony in Chester, New Jersey. 

Joy and Frank Warner, owned Frank Anthony in Chester, New Jersey.

High school sweethearts who were inseparable from the moment they met, Frank and Joy Warner also were united by their passion for the professional salon industry. The couple married shortly after graduating high school in 1964, and in 1970 they opened Frank Anthony in Chester, New Jersey. They worked side by side for nearly 50 years, and at age 73, they planned to retire this December. The couple tragically lost their lives October 27.

Throughout the years, the Warners and their salon were honored with many accomplishments. The salon was recognized in national publications W and Glamour as one of the best salons in the country. The Warners published a master manual on the marketing and management of a successful salon, and their techniques served as the basis for seminars they presented on marketing concepts, employee management, incentive programs, business ethics and customer service to salons and beauty schools in the New Jersey area.

The Warners were members of Intercoiffure America Canada, and in 1999 they received the Intercoiffure Award for Professional Excellence and more recently were named Intercoiffure Educators of the Century. The salon also was selected as an honoree for the SALON TODAY 200, and their marketing and management concepts were featured in MODERN SALON, SALON TODAY, Matrix Insights and Studio Magazine.

Frank Anthony was the first salon in their region to offer employment to the handicapped, and they Warners were presented with the NRC Award for their active involvement with the special needs community.

Many Intercoiffure members last saw the Warners at the Fall Atelier in New York in early October, and they share their remembrances here:

“I first met Frank and Joy at Intercoiffure 18 years ago. My first thought when I was introduced to them was, ‘I feel special.’ Their love for each other and everyone they touched was REAL. You felt it as soon as they spoke to you. They make everyone feel like they were the most important person in the room. After all these years, they still made me feel special when they said ‘Hello.’ This past fall at the Atelier, Frank Warner received the Genna OSeara Award for his untiring work for our organization, his dedication to our industry, and most importantly for being the person who lived what we all strive to be—the bearer of good, kindness and love. He was always willing to help no matter what was needed, from jumping on stage and sweeping up hair clippings before the next presentation came our to escorting one of the industry dignitaries. Frank and Joy have been the example and they have touched so many. They will be greatly missed. Rest in peace my sweet friends.”—Sheila Zaricor-Wilson, Master Design Salon and Wellness Studio and Intercoiffure president


The note and gift Frank Warner sent Vivien Yeh after Hurricane Harvey damaged one of her salons in Houston, Texas.  

The note and gift Frank Warner sent Vivien Yeh after Hurricane Harvey damaged one of her salons in Houston, Texas. 

“My heart is shattered learning the news today. Frank was a stranger to me two years ago. I first met him through mail that came to my house after Hurricane Harvey hit our salon. There was a kind note and encouraging words, an angel and a huge check. I couldn’t stop crying when I received that from a total stranger, but I knew what kind of human being he was. He had asked if any members of Intercoiffure had been affected and they had given him my name. I received a lot of help and support during that time, but this was especially special to me. I gave Frank a call and thanked him. His kind words and generosity gave me so much strength. He said, ‘You must be getting a lot of help and support for your salon, but this is something for you.’ I promised to pay him back, but he asked me to pay it forward. Ever since then, we see each other at Intercoiffure events, and he supports and encourages me through Facebook posts. Every Sunday, he serves in his church and asks if anyone on Facebook needs a prayer--I know a couple of times I did, and I’m sure he said a prayer for me. This is so devastating to think someone like Frank was taken away from us too soon. Frank, I am forever grateful for your unconditional support and I will pay it forward and continue you legacy.” –Vivien Yeh, Josephine’s Salon and Day Spa

“Frank and Joy will always be remembered for their kind hearts and loving spirits. Frank was a huge asset to Intercoiffure and to my administration as president. He would always show up for the industry and our organization at the drop of a hat—no questions asked. Our hearts go out to the Frank Anthony Salon family, as well as the whole Warner family. Frank and I would always end our phone calls - JERSEY STRONG - as we were known as the 2 Franks from Jersey. I will miss my ICA brother.”—Frank Gambuzza, Salon Visage Group

”My deepest heartfelt condolences to the Warner family and the team at their salon. As an Intercoiffure member since 1991, I had the opportunity to share many a meal and evening with Frank and Joy. Made me proud to share a passion and profession with those two beautiful souls. They had the unique ability in a room full of people to make you feel as if it was only you and them. Their kindness was so appreciated and unforgettable. Godspeed.”—Ira Ludwick, Ira Ludwick Salon

 “As a new member of Intercoiffure, Frank welcomed me with open arms. He took me under his wing and unselfishly shared his wisdom and business expertise with me, but more importantly we became friends. He genuinely cared, showing an interest in me and my new business. He was my beacon of light, my source of inspiration which I was able to turn to at any time.  We shared a common interest, we both loved muscle cars and hot rods, and loved to share stories sounding like two ‘gear heads’ ready to race. Frank & Joy were such an adorable, loving couple, you could feel their love for one another while their smiles spread happiness and joy everywhere they went.  I am so honored to have known Frank, even though it was for only a short time, but it felt as if we knew each other for years & years. They were angels walking among us and now they will look over us”--FrankJames Dibrino, Twisted Bangz Salon

“God has two wonderful angels in heaven. They brought kindness and love to their time on Earth.”—Kenneth Anders, Intercoiffure president 2004-2007.

“Our industry lost two wonderful souls! Frank and Joy will be missed by all who were lucky enough to be touched by their passion, love and kindness.” Maggie DiFalco, owner Maggie the Salon

“We have lost two warm, kind and beautiful people. The kind of people that you feel good spending time with. Frank and Joy were my sponsors into ICA six years ago. Frank positively influenced me to join and welcomed me every year. Their presence and warm spirit will be missed greatly by many.” Kellie Diana Johnson, Elan Hair Studio

“I met Frank and Joy Warner at my first Intercoiffure Atelier.  From that time, they were the first people I would look for to hug, visit and catch up with.  As you can see on Frank's social media, his life evolved around his family, salon, church and his Intercoiffure family.  I am so happy we were able to honor him this year at the Gala.  There will never be an award ceremony that I will not see him standing up there handing out the trophies. They will be forever missed and know that their legacy must live on about living a kind life.”—Coral Pleas, Cutting Loose Salons

“What a tragic loss. God Bless.”—Don Shaw

“Like most people who knew Frank and Joy, I am shocked, upset and devastated by the tragic news. There were a wonderful and kind couple, and I always had great conversations with them. The world and our industry are worse off today.”—Leon Alexander, Eurisko

“We were so saddened to hear the news of losing Frank and Joy. They were truly a delight to visit with and were always happy to share their wisdom. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family and salon family.”—Rodger and Lisa Garcia, Bang Salon

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