Haircut makeover by Josh DeMarco

Haircut makeover by Josh DeMarco

Josh DeMarco, a top stylist and MODERN Artist Connective member, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, continually wows us with his amazing transformations on his @HairDeMarco Instagram account. Precision cutting is a specialty and a recent makeover, that he says offered his client a “suitable” new silhouette, is a perfect example of the DeMarco touch.

Here he shares details:

“Eva has been growing her hair for a couple of years and recently had a baby,” DeMarco says. “She didn’t really know what to do with her hair, but she wasn’t happy with how it looked. It had no style, so she was simply putting it in a bun all day.” Eva came into the salon and asked for any ideas or thoughts on what to do with her beautiful, healthy hair.  “After an in-depth consultation on her styling routine and lifestyle, we decided to go with a long one length bob. Eva’s hair is heavy and already full of body so making her hair one-length still left it full, easy to style, and long enough to put up if she had to.”

STEP 1: Take parallel diagonal forward (triangular shape) sections, starting at her nape. 

STEP 2: Comb every section to the pre-determined length. Using extremely light tension, cut (using Mizutani Scissors) and make sure each section falls into place perfectly to “make her life easier.”

STEP 3: Blow dry the hair using a Dyson Hairdryer. Now go into the cut and elevate sections. Point cut to soften the finish without layering.

PRO NOTE: A great tip when cutting a one length bob is to use minimal tension to ensure that each section moving up the head doesn’t dry shorter than the one beneath it.  

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