If you had a dollar for every time you wrapped up an appointment and a guest said some iteration of, “I’ll never be able to make it look this good,” to you, you’d probably be rich, right?

As a walking billboard for your talent and services, in between appointments, the fact is that your guests SHOULD be making their hair look as good as you do when they sit in your chair. Beyond styling products, you should be “upselling” education to your guests in order to keep them looking their best until their next appointment. And what better tool as a gateway into an at-home grooming regimen than a hairdryer? 

When Trevor James, a Chicago-based men’s grooming specialist, hears that ever-so-common client remark of not being able to achieve the in-salon look at home, he takes that as an opportunity to show them the world of blowdrying and how simple it can actually be.

James’ favorite dryer is the Dyson Supersonic™ Professional edition. He loves how different attachment options assist in creating his ideal finishes. 

“Almost all styles look best blowdried,” James says. “Even beachy, naturally curly or wavy styles can be cleaned up and polished with the Supersonic’s diffuser attachment.” 

In the salon, James explains to his guests the importance of implementing blow drying into their daily styling regimen. He emphasizes that the Supersonic’s precise airflow can be used as an easy guide that helps direct hair into the style they are trying to achieve and demonstrates how on the hair. He even puts the dryer in their hands and make them practice what he has shown them.

“Use the dryer for volume, shape and direction, and product application at the end is merely detailing,” James says. “It saves an enormous amount of time during their styling regimen and is the catalyst to consistent styling. After they have tried it several times and see how effective and easy it is, they become much more confident and they can actually wear different styles that would be harder to wear with the omission of blow drying.”

For at-home styling, James tells his clients to follow these steps:

STEP 1: Immediately following shower regimen, towel dry hair. 

STEP 2: Apply any foundation or structure-enhancing product.

STEP 3: Blow dry, encouraging as much volume as possible. Volume can always be tamed at the end, but if enough volume isn't created in the beginning of the blow dry, it will be harder to achieve at the final stages of styling. 

STEP 4: Apply any finishing product. Pro tip: For shorter, texturized hair, product applies best to completely blowdried hair in nearly all instances. “When you take the time to create volume and shape during the blow-dry, it’s almost effortless adding the product to finalize the style,” he says. 

“Tell your guests if they don’t blow dry, they won’t get the volume that some styles call for and they definitely will forego the control of shaping it,” James says. “If they put in the work of taking out the hair dryer and actually using it, they will save time and frustration in the long run and will see how helpful it is to achieve your desired style.”

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