Briana McElroy (@Hairbylilbri) of South Main District Salon, Fort Worth, TX, says her client had been previously pre-lightened with a red overlay that was already fading. She “wanted to move towards a neutral blonde with a dark base color,” McElroy says. “She understood it might be a process and take more than one session to get it completely neutral.”


Here McElroy shares the details for the transformation:

STEP 1: Balayage over the red areas using Redken Flashlift blended with 25 volume. Process for approximately 45 minutes, rinsing as each section is processed. 

STEP 2: Colormelt using Wella Illumina 3/4 5/ + 1/4 4/ from roots to mids. At the ends apply 3/4 8/69 + 1/4 7/81. Process for 30 minutes.  “I brought the base color down to the bottom sections so that when she adds curls she will see a ton of dimension.”


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