Courtesy of Joe Velez

Courtesy of Joe Velez

One of the most common concerns your male clients have is losing their hair. Whether they’re just starting to thin or they’re worried about a hereditary pattern, they’re going to have questions about prevention and solutions.

But do you have the answers? We chatted with stylist Joe Velez, stylist at Mia Wagner NYC about some of the most commonly asked questions and how to address them so your male clients will still be comfortable.

1. When should I start using thinning hair products?

Velez says it’s time to start using hair supplements when hair starts to look or feel thinner, in addition to finding the right hair care products. He says, “Clients benefit from Nutrafol because it’s a natural, clinically tested product. People don’t want to take things that are prescribed. It’s great to use to support hair growth and also makes them feel as though they are amping up their internal health as well." 

2. Is there any way to stop hair loss or slow the process if I have hereditary hair loss?

Good news! Thinning hair is more than just genetics. There are multiple factors that influence how hair grows, including stress, hormones, environment, metabolism, and nutrition. Starting a supplement like Nutrafol can help target multiple factors of poor hair health when you first notice changes in your hair. The natural ingredients in Nutrafol are clinically proven to improve hair growth and thickness. Some of the ingredients are known to help promote better shine, strength, and texture too. 

3. What products are most effective?

While thickening and volumizing shampoos help with the appearance of thinning hair, Velez says there are other tricks to try. “Volumizing stylers give the hair extra fullness and body so the scalp is not as visible,” he says. “Color hair sprays and powders used as a ‘hair filler’ will also make hair appear more dense and thick.”

4. Are there any lifestyle changes I can make to help my thinning hair?

A healthy diet, supplements designed for scalp and hair health, and proper rest are all key factors in a healthy head of hair. “When our bodies’ equilibrium is out of whack, the hair takes a hit,” Velez says.

So get your six to eight hours of sleep per night, eat a healthy diet and take supplements like Nutrafol, that focus on whole body wellness to support healthy hair. 

“Nutrafol is by far the most effective natural product I’ve encountered,” Velez says. “I experienced hair thinning by the age of 20 with no family history. I started the Nutrafol regimen and it helped aid and recover my hair growth and scalp health.”

5. What type of haircut looks best on my thinning hair?

Velez says to keep it nice and tight. “A close cut with tapered sides and some length on top looks best,” he says. “This will give your hair balance and reverse the contrast of the thinning vs. fuller hair." 

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