Loose, effortless styles are always trending. Especially with wedding season just around the corner, sew-in extensions are a perfect way to add length and density as a base for braids, updos and boho looks.


“The new weft system from Hotheads makes it so much fun to try out braids and up styling,” says Natalie Ruzgis, Hotheads master educator. “The amazing colors and undetectable application allow for a seamless blend. This is going to be my must-have for all my 2020 brides!”

For bridal hair and beyond, Ruzgis shares three styles that seamlessly marry weft extensions into them.



STEP 1: Start by gathering generous amount of hair from both left and right side.
STEP 2: Rope braid each section and tie off with elastic.
STEP 3: Criss-cross the rope braids and tuck in ends to create one cohesive rope braid; secure with hair pins or bobby pins.



STEP 1: Start on one side by isolating a small section and loosely twisting back; as you move start picking up hair and incorporating into the twist.
STEP 2: Move toward the middle back and pick up more hair to add into the twist. Once you reach the middle secure with pin.
STEP 3: Repeat on the other side.
STEP 4: With hair, left split in half and begin a large section fishtail until you hit the end of the hairline secure with elastic.
STEP 5: Once secure gently pull out the twists and fishtail to expand the texture. Wrap hair around the elastic to finish the look.



STEP 1: Begin with a simple low pony.
STEP 2: Split the post in half and small section fishtail braid. Once you reach the last inch secure with elastic.
STEP 3: Expand the fishtail to add texture by gently pulling the braid out from center to the outside with thumbs. Start at the top of the braid moving down to the end.
STEP 4: Wrap the braid into a chignon and secure with hair pins.

Learn more about Hotheads wefts and education.

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