Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband For Stylists

Lauren Salapatek | March 1, 2013 | 11:10 AM

Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband For StylistsHaving a pile of loose bobby pins at your station can be a hassle to go through. Now, this problem can be a "thousand" times easier and quicker with the new Bobby Pin Wristband from Lorna Evans Education.

The wristband is leather, aganetic and has a toggle for opening the pins. 

Long Hair expert Lorna Evans says she introduced the Bobby Pin Wristbands to give hairdressers a portable, super-convenient way of managing bobby pins. "Having bobby pins on a wristband makes them easily accessible when they are needed. It's a great tool when you are on location at weddings and events," she says. "It eliminates the need to reach across to a table to grab the pins or hold them in the mouth."

"It is a fabulous design because the toggle was included for opening the bobby pins, which means no using of watches, rings or teeth for the task. It's a much safer, hygienic option, too," says Evans.

The Lorna Evans Bobby Pin Wristbands are guaranteed for 12 months and are available in North America from the Sam Villa shop:

Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband For Stylists

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