Alterna's Equilibrium: Tokyo

Alicia Liotta | July 10, 2011 | 6:15 PM
When Alterna’s Global Creative Director, Michael Shaun Corby, conceived the brand’s 2009 collection he searched the globe for inspiration. Equilibrium, Alterna’s latest collection, “is really about finding balance while celebrating diversity in life, beauty and techniques,” says Corby.  “I want to take people on a journey.”

Innovative techniques played an important role in creating the cuts for Equilibrium. “If you watch the way hairdressers work, they focus on the back of the head,” observes Corby. “I began every cut and style in this collection focusing on the front of the head.”

An expression of the high-tech culture of Tokyo, this style is created with Corby’s new and unique cutting technique that uses 15 points of balance around the head as reference to establish a perfectly balanced cut.

Check out all the styles in this collection. Click here.

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