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April 2, 2012 | 10:22 AM
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1. Section the hair as shown with an oval teardrop along the Mohawk.
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2. Begin foil color with pivotal foiling. Remove fine slices from 1/8-inch sections. Apply Kenra Permanent Color 6G (dark blonde gold) with 10-volume developer to the 2-inches closest to the scalp. Place using the “flat foiling” (layering foil on foil) technique.
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3. Feather out to a medium to light gold shade (7G and 8G equal parts with 20 volume developer). This shade is placed along the mid section.
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4. Feather out to the ends using Kenra Lightener (with 10-volume developer). Hold brush on an angle to create seamless blending.
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5. On every third foil use the 7G and 8G mixture from roots to ends.
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6. While processing, go between the foils and baliage on a plexiboard using Kenra Lightener blended with ¼ ounce Blonding Cream. Pull out selected strands, place on board and apply color from mid strand to end.
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7. Process for 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse and shampoo.
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8. Glaze with a demipermanent shade of balanced blonde using Kenra 9GB and 9PV, equal parts with its own processing lotion (2 parts processing lotion to one part color). Process for 15 minutes at room temperature and lightly shampoo.
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CUT 9. Begin the cut at back. Bring the hair straight down and cut to the desired length, chipping into the ends cutting straight across.
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10. Angle at the front, cutting against the skin, for softening drape.
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11. Lift up a medium section from crown. Cut at an angle to leave long layers. Bring all sections up to this point and cut until hair no longer reaches.
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12. Set with molecular rollers, wrapping all away from the face and down.
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13. Finish the look with curling iron, adding new curl and movement.
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To offer a simple and quick service, Dubre utilized the model’s existing highlights but added more depth at the base, using a shade deeper than her natural shade, and blending out to stronger lift at the tips using a high-lift powder lightener. “It’s a new fresh look,” he says. “It’s taking the extreme ombre and giving it a gentle 2012 spin.”

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