Sci-Fi Geisha Updo

Lauren Salapatek | June 1, 2012 | 9:04 AM
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Stylist Kalizya Hutchinson from Nival Salon and Spa in Chevy Chase, Maryland created this style called, Sci-fi Geisha.
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Hair pieces used to create the Sci-fi Geisha Updo.
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Putting hair pieces in the hair.
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Finished look.
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Sci-Fi Geisha UpdoAfter five bags of synthetic hair mixed with natural hair, and 3-4 hours of styling and designing, stylist Kalizya Hutchinson from Nival Salon and Spa in Chevy Chase, Maryland, created this updo which she calls, Sci-fi Geisha. “Our salon collaborated with an idea to use a technically challenging updo,” says Hutchinson. “We wanted to show the juxtaposition of soft earthy textures with hard urban chic. My model, Rachel, was the ultimate inspiration, statuesque and polished. I named this updo Sci-Fi Geisha, to me it showcased a classic undo with a modern edge.”

See Hutchinson’s original inspiration for this updo from W Magazine’s ‘Sleek Is Chic’ updo.


This one-of-a-kind updo took a few days of prep time, says Hutchinson. Before creating the updo, she purchased five bags of braiding hair and hand straightened all of it with a blow dryer set on medium heat. Since the hair was synthetic, she had to use extra care not to burn it, she says. “I used a combination of Styrofoam sized balls from the craft store and few soft moldable foam squares used for flower arrangement,” she says. “I also used a hot glue gun and spray adhesive to keep the hair in place.”

Sci-Fi Geisha Updo

Sci-Fi Geisha Updo

Follow Hutchinson’s steps to re-create your own Sci-fi Geisha updo:

Step 1: Tie a rubber band and create a pony tail securing one bundle of synthetic hair in the center of the head. Then, take the rubber band, flip it upside down and then hot glue the inside to the top of a styrofam ball.

Step 2: Spray the ball with adhesive and brush the hair back onto the ball to conceal it. Secure the base of the ball with bobby pins. Leave the pony tail loose (you will use this hair to finish the structure once pinned onto the head).

Step 3: To begin the base of the updo, tie a ponytail at the top left and bottom right of the head.

Step 4: Create a u-shape to fit snugly on the top of the head, then wrap it within the braiding hair. Place the u-shape at the bang area and securely pin it to the top of the ponytail and then create two other ball shapes symmetrically to the bottom. Then, use the ponytails and the extra hair to fill and create more circular forms and cover any imperfections on the synthetic pieces.

(In the first two photos, Hutchinson shows the stages of mixing the real hair into the artificial molds.)

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