241 Hours to Go!

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 10:22 AM

Someone once told me, beauty school students don't think in terms of weeks or days—they think in terms of hours... and, when you're 241 hours away from graduation, I've found that this statement couldn't be more true!

That's right, guys. I'm 241 hours away from being a licensed cosmetologist (given that I, hopefully, pass my state boards!)! It's been such an incredible journey. I remember my first day—I was so nervous/excited/anxious to get going. I remember sitting in the classroom, looking around at all the strangers... never did I imagine that I would grow SO close to this group of people, and I had no idea how much I would learn!

241 Hours to Go! Here's Mena (one of my closest friends now!) opening up her student kit, and beginning to organize her caddy.

241 Hours to Go! Here's me cutting my very first mannequin head—I remember being so excited...and about 15 pounds thinner : (

241 Hours to Go! I remember the very first time I brought in copies of MODERN SALON to the school—we had so much fun getting inspiration!

241 Hours to Go! Here's a pic of me when I passed my very first written exam—with an A!

241 Hours to Go! This is the group of girls I sat with through ALL of Phase 1! Tai, Kasia and Mena : )

241 Hours to Go! I was the first one in my class to get my hair cut during beauty school! ...  just a trim, of course!

241 Hours to Go! Of course, since then, we've all gone through major transformations!

241 Hours to Go! And learned the rules ...

241 Hours to Go! And learned that bigger does not ALWAYS mean better!

241 Hours to Go! We've had to learn all the technical stuff... the stuff that made us crazy and frustrated!

241 Hours to Go! But we always learned how to "roll" with it ; )

241 Hours to Go! We've been through silly times....

241 Hours to Go! We've been through scary times...

241 Hours to Go! Some funny times...

241 Hours to Go! Some weird times?

241 Hours to Go! Sad times...

241 Hours to Go! Tragic times...

241 Hours to Go! Christmas times...

241 Hours to Go! Times when we didn't know WHAT was going on...

241 Hours to Go! And times when we didn't know who was gettin' it on!

Can you believe we've been through so much?? And the above pics are only from the first YEAR!!... there's still a ton to go through and post as I get all sentimental and emotional about graduating... I can't wait to put together a montage look at our experiences, how much we've all changed and grown together : ) STAY TUNED!

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