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Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 23, 2014 | 9:57 AM
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Nicole Misero, Educator, Great Lengths USA

“In 2008, I took a Great Lengths certification class to be able to provide extensions services and my career changed forever. Prior, I looked at what the client had to work with and how to make it better or manageable. Now, I see what the client has to work with but I am also able to offer services to accentuate or add what she or he has or doesn’t have. Extensions and hair pieces aren’t just for fulfilling a need for length or body. More importantly they can be used for the client with the common receding hairline, the bride that simply wants more for her special day, the client that loves bold color but hates commitment or sacrificing the integrity of hair by bleaching for the fashion shades, the nuisance of alopecia or any other scalp co

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