This Guy Can Sculpt His Beard Into the Craziest Designs - See Our Top 20

Lauren Salapatek | December 18, 2014 | 12:14 AM
Isaiah Webb's beard swaying in the wind...
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Beard Baubles are all the rage right now on social media and of course Mr. Incredibeard has jumped on the bandwagon to try these beard-decorations out!
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More Beard Baubles!
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Mr. Incredibeard getting into the Holiday spirit!
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Who knew you could fit that much foodstuff into one bearducopia!?
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This one is pretty cool - he's made himself a pet octopus! "On Instagram and Facebook I've had many suggestions for me to do an octopus attacking my face, so here you go. :) I call this style Octopus Beard," says Webb.
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This beard is100% cool. "Why be part of the 1% when you can be part of the 100%?" says Webb.
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"This week's idea comes from News-O-Matic's online kids magazine. Subscriber, Kate (age 11), asked for a Bearded Bow-Tie. So that's what I call this style," says Webb.
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Webb calls this beard creation "The Bane of My Beardxistence!" inspired by the villian, Bane, in The Dark Knight Rises.
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Looking dapper!
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The beard buddy.
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Beard Olympics!
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This one is pretty straight forward.
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And, he uses his beard to as a cup, burger and French fry holder...Who knew?
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This was a fan-submitted beard design idea. Webb calls it "Bowl O'Beard Ramen.'
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Don't have a table? No worries! Find the guy with the longest beard at the party and attach some cups.
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The Beardiator. Inspired from the movie, Gladiator.
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Webb calls this style Aladdin's First Wish!
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Isaiah Webb, also known as Mr. Incredibeard (@incredibeard) was born to beard.

This beard artist has been growing out his facial hair since October 2012, and sculpting/shaping it into all different kinds of designs from cornucopias and Christmas trees to spelling out words and using it to eat. If you think it can’t be done with a beard, Mr. Incredibeard can probably prove you wrong. Just take a look at how he’s making his own personal statement.



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