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Super Bowl - Super Beauty

Maggie Mulhern | February 1, 2015 | 11:16 PM

Sure, Super Bowl 49 was a great game, but it was the hair and makeup that really won our hearts.

The beauty pro winners of SB were Katy Perry and Idina Menzel, who stole the show surrounding the game. Perry held court for an impressive half time show (with help from Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz), and Menzel kicked off the whole she-bang with the national anthem.

Here we offer up some of the inside scoop on the behind the scenes beauty:

Get the look: Katy Perry

Clyde Haygood  (@clydehairgod) and Jake Bailey (@byjakebailey) are the beauty kings who whipped Katy Perry in to shape.

For hair, Haygood created a human-hair ponytail of various lengths. The piece came with a toggle closure to incorporate Perry’s own hair. This pony HELD UP through several costume changes and plenty of head shaking and “whipping.”

Here Haygood offers the HOW-TO:

STEP 1: Separate ponytail into five 3-inch sections.

STEP 2: Using a 2-inch iron, curl each section.

STEP 3: Spray each section with KMS California FREESHAPE 2-in-1 Styling + Finishing Spray.

STEP 4 Direct Perry’s hair back to the high crown with gel.

STEP 5: Attach the pony around the existing hair. Smooth with wax over the surface of the hair.

For makeup, Bailey created a classic elongated cat eye with gold and silver glitter. A bold red lip was the icing on the cake.


Get the look: Idina Menzel

Hair designer Ted Gibson (@tedgibsonbeauty) and make up by Kristofer Buckle (@kristoferbuckle) created classic beauty for Idina Menzel, who kicked off the game with her performance of the national anthem.

“I am so honored to have been able to be a part of this incredible moment in Idina’s  life,” Gibson says. “The look I created for is her favorite and is classic Idina – the Gibson girl wave!”

STEP 1: “Idina’s look is all about effortless texture – to help achieve this, I applied three different products to her hair before blow drying," Gibson says. At the root, Gibson used Kerastase Volumfique mousse for volume, on the mid shaft and ends Kerastase’s Volumfique spray. On top of that he applied Kerastase’s Densimorphose mousse. “I find that the combination of these products give hair amazing body, texture and lift.”

STEP 2: Rough dry the hair with fingers and finish with a dual-bristle round brush to smooth out the cuticle.

STEP 3: Create a center part. Take one inch sections and wrap around the base of a 1-¼-inch iron, leaving the ends out. “This trick is the difference between your mother’s curls and the effortless wave that is EVERYTHING right now," Gibson says. "I finished the wave by flat ironing the ends.”

STEP 4: Finger through the waves with your hands to soften the wave and blend the hair.

STEP 5:  Finish with extra strong hold spray.

For makeup, Buckle used “Nude Mood” Lip Crayon (from his Absolutely Nude collection). Her overall look was classic and tasteful. 


Katy Perry performs

Jake Bailey and Katy Perry

Idina Menzel with Kristofer Buckle and Ted Gibson

Idina Menzel

This pony survived!

Clyde Haygood behind the scenes

Ted Gibson before the game.


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