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How-To: Pull-Through Pony into Fishtail

Lauren Quick | March 3, 2015 | 2:00 PM
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Step 1

Back-comb at the crown and spray all over with a bit of Texture Takeover for some "oomph." Create a ponytail at the crown of the head; make sure you use elastics that are clear or close in color to your client's hair.

Blohaute founder Amanda Diedrich isn't afraid of lived-in looks, and she doesn't think they're going anywhere.

Fave4, Blohaute and Glowout Salon in Chicago hosted a Fave4 Style Session and invited an exclusive group of stylists to learn braiding and updo tips and tricks from pro Diedrich. 

A big concern, Diedrich says, is clients who worry that their hair isn't thick or long enough. But that's where the magic of extensions comes into play, and a technique she calls "stretching," though you might have heard it called "pancaking."

Stretching, or pancaking, involves tugging at the hair on both sides of a braid to make it look fuller and more lived-in. The result is a thicker-appearing braid with texture and interest.

Below, check out Diedrich's how-to for this surprisingly easy updo utilizing stretching, a pull-through braid/faux-hawk, fishtail braid and Fave4 hairsprays.

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