Top 10 Tips to Competition Success

Maggie Mulhern | May 21, 2015 | 11:31 AM
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Richard Mannah, international artistic director, Label.m USA, is no stranger to winning awards including winning the coveted London Hairdresser Of The Year in the British Hairdressing Awards.

"Some of the world's best hairdressers either live or are from London," Mannah says. "It's a very difficult and sought-after category to win.

"Each entrant has to send four images," he says. "Out of the many, many images sent, the preliminary judges choose their top six favorites. Polaroids or raw images are required, making it even more challenging (and fair!), as this eliminates photoshopping. The nominated artist must then submit another four looks to complete a collection of eight images. It is quite intense and thorough."

Mannah's Top 10 Tips to Competition Success

1. Be sure to send your entry on time as even a day late may disqualify you from the competition.
2. Fill in all the information correctly.
3. Arrange a great team: photographer, makeup artist, stylist and models.
4. Don't rely on retouching. Aim to get the hair right on the shoot as its a hair competition not a photography competition.
5. Demonstrate as many different techniques, colors, length and texture to create a variety of creativity within the collection and to showcase your hairdressing skills.
6. Take the time to choose the right image. Be sure you are completely happy with each image individually and how it will fit as a collection.
7. Try and push the envelope creatively with the hair while maintaining a beautiful, individual and suitable aspect on each model.
8. Work with the photographer to shoot the best angle of the hair which shows the hair best.
9. Have a clear idea of which direction you want to head in but be open for spontaneous ideas. I believe spontaneity equals creativity. Some of my favorite looks have been spur of the moment.
10. Be fully prepared with all the products, tools, tear sheets, equipment and team so the shoot day runs smoothly. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


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