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Sarah Mac Named Grand Prize Winner of HairUWear's Extend Your Creativity Contest

Lauren Salapatek | June 29, 2015 | 7:41 AM
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Headmapping for Look 1
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Braids, sometimes glamorous, sometimes exotic and intricate but never go unnoticed. Whether elegant, chic, organic or edgy, you can dress them up or dress them down to match your mood. Carley’s braided updo accentuates her maturity and confidence while at the same time displaying her youthful exuberance.
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Women dream of long, full, healthy hair vibrantly flowing in the wind. The voluminous hair rich with beautiful layers sustaining their fullness to the bottom. Retro inspired hair with a modern feel capable of making any woman feel like a VIP.
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Sarah Mac's Round 1 photo submission
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Sarah Mac's Round 1 photo submission
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Sarah Mac's Round 1 photo submission
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Sarah Mac has been named the grand prize winner of HairUWear’s Extend Your Creativity Contest!

Participants in this year’s contest were given the chance to show off their best updo skills. Mac was chosen as one of eight finalists and was sent a HUW PRO Clip-in Extension Starter Kit to create two looks for the final round of the competition.

As the winner, Mac will be joined by a HUW PRO educator on a MODERN SALON photoshoot and attend a MODERN SALON Artist Session workshop in NYC. MODERN SALON interviewed this fan favorite about her process, inspiration and more. Read on!

See Sarah Mac's full submission here.

MODERN SALON: What made you want to enter HairUWear’s Extend Your Creativity Contest?
SARAH MAC: I love pushing myself, and trying to get my work out there for other people to see. In a salon setting, I am focused on my client and giving them everything they need, however, on a shoot, it is more about the taking a creative vision or innovative concept and bringing it to life. 

MS: What kind of preparation did you do before you created your look?
SM: My first order of business was to carefully select models with short hair. Because this was for HairUWear's Pro line, I really wanted to showcase some makeovers and how easy it is to transform someone's look with these clip-ins. Next, I looked for inspiration. I printed out pictures that I liked and taped them up on an open space on the wall. I used a tripod and doll head setup to begin practicing the placement and style for the updo look.  For security and peace of mind, I took a lot of pictures along the way so that it was easy to go back and reference. I've learned that if you think you will remember.... you won't. Take a lot of pictures! Once I settled on the placement and style, I wrote out my head sheets. Before the shoot day, I had all of the color prepped, washed, and blown out; that way I could just snap them into place the day of and style my practiced looks. 

MS: Where did you find inspiration for your final look?
SM: The internet is a great place to find ideas. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to braid. Braids are so in right now so I knew right from the start that my updo would have some form of a braid in it. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find inspiration so I began my searching on there.

MS: Did you run into any challenges?
SM: No, not really because I am a big believer in preparation and having a plan. One of my favorite quotes is what I refer to as the 5 P's "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance."  In addition, the talented team that supported me on this project ensured that it would be a success. 

MS: What was your favorite part about the entire process?
SM: Shoot Day! Working with people that I enjoy being around and having complete freedom to create whatever I wanted was an amazing experience.

MS: What competition advice do you have for others?
SM: GO FOR IT! Don't be afraid to put your work out there. Just make sure it is work you are 100% proud of. That way when someone has a different opinion about your work, it won't bother you because you know you put your heart into it. Make sure you have a clear vision to start, but be open to let it evolve from there. And, most importantly have fun!

MS: Anything you would like to add?
"Teamwork makes the dream work." I would just like to thank my photographer, Dan Csicsai, my amazing Makeup artist, Cynthia Gamboa, and my assistant, Carley Purdy. Also, thank you to my family, my models and everyone that took the time to look at my work and vote for me. I really appreciate the love and support xo.


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