6 Fashion-Forward Bridal Upstyles for Long-Haired Clients

Lauren Salapatek | June 30, 2015 | 8:37 AM
This style grew from the high messy bun type hairstyle, taking it bigger and fuller with a more structured but still soft curl texture.
Photo By Amy Nelson-Blain Photo 1 of 6
A classic beehive shape transformed into a modern bouffant with a modern texture.
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This particular style developed from the feeling of wanting a soft, romantic, high and forward voluminous shape.
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Modern and chic ponytail
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This style evolved from the outcome for it to be soft textured, romantic with a slight modern Mohawk feel.
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This style was chosen to expand on the classic chignon and combine it with a complimentary voluminous front shape.
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Award-winning bridal hairstylist Carly Wood, based in Sydney, Australia, with over 18 years' of experience has an undeniable reputation within the bridal industry working alongside the top wedding vendors Sydney has to offer. Wood regularly pursues and engages in fashion, runway and photographic shoots/projects, while continually challenging and growing her skillset.

As a bridal hairstylist, Woods says she is constantly trying to find new ways of expressing her creativity and showing versatility within her styling.

"This collection's styles developed from what's currently trending with a focus on fashion-forward looks, combined with modernized classic shapes whilst still being commercially viable for special occasion and bridal," she says. "Minimal styling was preferred as to direct the focus to the hair and how it complements the face shape."

Name of collection: Inceplation
Hairdresser: Carly Wood
Salon: Mobile Wedding Hair Sydney
Photography: Amy Nelson-Blain
Fashion Styling: Carly Wood-Gowns Courtesy of Sassy Boutique, Bankstown
Makeup artist: Megan Vaughan


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