Inspiring Beauty and Fashion Offered By Jessica Minh Anh

Maggie Mulhern | September 21, 2015 | 9:32 AM
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NYC, fashion by Yumi Katsura
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GRAND CANYON, fashion by Ziad Nakad
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GRAND CANYON, fashion by Hoang Hai & Van Cleef
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PARIS, FRANCE, fashion by Hoang Hai & Buccellati
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SINGAPORE, fashion by Serkan Cura
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SEVILLE, SPAIN, fashion by Pilar Vera
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NYC, fashion by Syeda Amera & Sonia Heilbron
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PARIS: fashion by Dar Naseem AlAndalos & Montblanc
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NYC, fashion by Syeda Amera
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NYC, fashion by Tony Ward & Ivanka Trump Jewelry
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SINGAPORE: fashion by Ziad Nakad
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GEMSOLAR SPAIN: fashion by Hoang Hai
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NYC, fashion by Chula & Cristina Sabatini
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NYC, fashion by Ziad Nakad
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Backstage in SINGAPORE: fashion by Ziad Nakad
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SPAIN: Behind the scenes, fashion by Hoang Hai and Pandora
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SINGAPORE - fashion: Serkan Cura
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NYC - fashion by Ziad Nakad & Cristina Sabatini
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PARIS - fashion by Hoang Hai & Montblanc
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GEMSOLAR, SPAIN. fashion by Hoang Hai & Pandora
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Preview of fashion to be shown at the next show in Paris, shot along the Seine. Fashion: Dany Atrache & Satellite Paris
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We don't know how she does it or how she gets access, but Jessica Minh Anh has traveled the world producing breathtaking fashion shows in the most incredible places. The model and entrepreneur transforms venues including yachts, canyons, rivers, skyscrapers and landmarks, into surprising and refreshing runways. The shows combine art, architecture, culture, and incredible beauty and fashion...all exhibited in a new light.

Besides the exquisite haute couture, high-end ready-to-wear, and jewelery collections, Jessica Minh Anh’s spectacular hairstyles are part of the attraction. Her architectural hairpieces, which are created by some of the most talented international artists, compliment her extraordinary visions.

Jessica Minh Anh, who marked her 10th history-making production in July with the world’s first solar powered catwalk, has worked with top designers and luxury brands including Montblanc, Paul Costelloe, Addy van den Krommenacker, Shiatzy Chen, Yumi Katsura, Tony Ward, and Buccellati, while promoting exceptional talents from the new generation such as Rami Kadi, Serkan Cura, Shilpa Reddy, and Hoang Hai. Talking about her iconic locations, Anh says “I believe the most outstanding designs should be showcased at the best of locations, using the most creative catwalk concepts. It’s a challenging process, but very rewarding”.

Here Anh shares the background for some of the shows:

1. J Autumn Fashion Show 2015 on the Seine River, Paris, France (PRE-SHOW)
Photo Shoot Hairstylist: Salvatori et Zepanek salon. The concept: The mix of Asian and Western style

2. J Summer Fashion Show 2015 at Gemasolar, Seville, Spain:
Fashion Show Hairstylist: Josep Navarro hairstylist. The concept: solar plant mirrors and arrays
Photo Shoot Hairstylist: Jorge Desancho. The concept: futuristic hairstyles

3. J Spring Fashion Show 2015 on the Hudson River, New York, USA
Fashion Show & Photo Shoot Hairstylist: Nunzio Saviano. The Concept: The river flow, the sophistication of a modern beauty.

4. J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 on the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Fashion Show Hairstylist: Before Beauty Bar. The Concept: Eiffel Tower
Photo Shoot Hairstylist: Everton Freire. The Concept: The mix of soft and bold looks.

5. J Summer Fashion Show 2014 on One World Trade Center, New York, USA
Fashion Show Hairstylist: Nunzio Saviano. The Concept: One World Trade Center
Photo Shoot Harstylist: Toni & Guy USA. The Concept: Abstract and original.

6. J Spring Fashion Show 2014 on Gardens by the Bay’s Skyway, Singapore
Fashion Show & Photo Shoot Hairstylist: Action Salon & Vinn Wong. The Concept: Nature and the exotic beauty

7. J Autumn Fashion Show 2013 on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA
Fashion Show & Photo Shoot Hairstylist: La’Bella Mafia Beauty Agency. Concept: The Grand Canyon, Natural Beauty

8. J Winter Fashion Show 2013 on Costa Atlantica, Dubai, UAE
Fashion Show & Photo Shoot Hairstylist: Pastel Salon Dubai. The Concept: Impressive architectural and creative structure of the futuristic world | Burj Al Arab

The next show will be held this October in Paris along the Siene where the artist will share great beauty and fashion in a glass bottom boat. To create an illusion of models walking on water,  Anh will have guests seated facing the multi-faceted glass windows while the boat is cruising. As a result, Paris architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the 37 famous bridges will become the natural backdrop for the unique catwalk.

Photos by John Oakley



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