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First Chair Fall 2015 Editor's Note: Focal Point

Lauren Quick | October 13, 2015 | 10:40 AM
While at the annual Farouk Conference in Cancun, Editor Lauren Quick spent time with founder Farouk Shami. He cites the CHI flatiron and ammonia-free haircolor as his two biggest launches to date—specialties that certainly helped grow his business into what it is today.

Focal Point

While in college, a professor suggested to my class that we consider specialty trade publications for future magazine journalism careers. She told us about the perks of specializing in a niche and falling in love with an industry.


By and large, I think the class shrugged off that idea. We had visions of glossy September issues of Vanity Fair, Vogue and Marie Claire dancing in our heads. I admit, I was among the skeptics. I didn’t quite realize that business-to-business magazines spanned beyond topics like scrapbooking and fly-fishing and instead meant I could land my dream job of covering beauty and fashion.


It didn’t take long after joining MODERN SALON Media for me to see the perks of specializing in my field of journalism. As an editor, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the country—and beyond its borders—to meet remarkably passionate hairdressers, intelligent leaders and innovators.


And most of these successful people are such because they chose to stay tapped into trends and streamline their energies in one or two specializations, at least to start. Farouk Shami started with flatirons and ammonia-free haircolor. Educator Heather Chapman (@heatherchapmanhair) focused on braids, updos and perfecting social media prowess. Colorist Larisa Love (@larisadoll) went out on her own to specialize largely in fashion color, which was what she enjoyed above all else. They’ve all become incredibly successful, and show that choosing a specialty path can fast-track your career.


This issue’s feature story focuses on some of the many areas that might be more lucrative than you thought in this burgeoning industry and how to be the best you in your community of beauty experts. Also in this issue:


As always, we hope to inspire you in your journey from student to professional. Maybe you’ll decide to specialize at some point in your career and end up discovering a passion for something above and beyond what you had imagined.


Here's to you and your success!

-Lauren Quick


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