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Behind The Scenes From MODERN'S Fall 2015 ARTIST SESSION

Maggie Mulhern | March 24, 2016 | 10:12 AM
Finish by Jayme Mees and Tina Voss
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Finish by Rusty Phillips and Adrienne Bernal Ermey
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finish by Dora Oppedisano
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essie's Gino Trunzo puts the finishing touches on Jayme Mees's model
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Casting at ARTIST SESSION on day one.
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David Maderich and team apply make up at ARTIST SESSION
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Jayme Mees uses the leaf blower on set at ARTIST SESSION
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Rusty Phillips and Adrienne Bernal Ermey watches the monitor and his model at ARTIST SESSION
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The BEST goody bag in the industry! The Fall 2015 bag was filled with fun and useful appliances and items: Sam Villa TexturIron, Hot Tools curling irons (in 4 sizes!!!), the new and amazing Beauty & Pin Ups Pin Curl Iron, the RSessionPRO Root Control iron, ORIBE Root Concealer in blonde and red (and a bonus of the ORIBE perfume!), Rusk Brushes and the CTC Lite Blowdryer, the Fuel Flat Iron, the Andis Stylist Combo, a teasing comb from Kardashian Beauty and KenigNYC clips and bungees.
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Three of the finishes from the most recent ARTIST SESSION (MODERN's photoshoot workshop) appeared in March MODERN, with the rest scheduled for upcoming issues. Check out these gorgeous silhouettes, and get a 360-degree look and overview from the artists themselves in these short videos.


  • Great models: 85 top models showed up for the casting on day 1
  • Great photography: famed cover photograher and NAHA winner Roberto Ligresti photographs the finished result
  • Fantastic makeup: NAHA winner David Maderich and team create a beautiful make up design with YOUR guidance
  • Designer fashion: famed fashion stylist Rod Novoa and team select fashion with YOUR suggestion
  • Nails! essie's Gino Trunzo created a gorgeous finished look on each model!
  • The best goody bag in the salon industry (see what was included in the slideshow)

The next ARTIST SESSION will take place May 2 - 3 in NYC. Check it out and join us. Just 4 spots left!



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