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5 Questions for Nick Arrojo

Lauren Quick | August 9, 2016 | 10:13 AM
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Known for his skill in razor-cutting, his schools and his salons, Nick Arrojo was hosted by Cosmetologists Chicago at the Greenhouse Theater in Lincoln Park on Aug. 8, 2016.

Arrojo and his creative team focused on Arrojo's American Wave, a texture service that continues to gain acclaim with the rise in popularity of undone, beachy-waved styles.

Arrojo shared vast knowledge about the service, and MODERN boiled things down to five must-knows from the class.

5 Questions for Nick Arrojo

How do you market the American Wave service?

"We have to get rid of the P-word—no 'perm'! They're not getting a perm; they're getting a wave that's wash and wear. Millennials aren't getting their hair permed. Millennials' mothers didn't even get their hair permed. Market it as a wave service. It's gentler, kinder and softer than our original formulation."

Does American Wave have any less-than-desirable fragrance? 

"Straight after the service, our deodorizer eliminates the service fragrance. It smells like eucalyptus."

Do you cut exclusively with a razor?

"The razor's not the thing that does the haircut; it's the person holding it. I've had clients say, 'Oh, you're not going to use a razor, are you?' And I won't waste any time putting down my razor and saying, 'Scissors only, baby.'

"If they've had a bad experience with razor-cutting, I'm not going to spend time convincing them my razor cutting is any different if they aren't comfortable. But it does give me a talking point while I am cutting their hair."

Is social media useful for stylists?

"I think you have to be active on social media. If you can get eyeballs on your work for free, bingo. It's not hard to become a successful hairdresser."

How have you built a community of talented stylists in your salons?

"How do you get a good hairdresser? You train 10. You might get two or three out of that bunch. I have 30 apprentices training at all times."

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