9 Step Mohawk Braid for Short-Medium Haired Clients - Get the Look!

Lauren Salapatek | May 1, 2017 | 9:59 AM
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Bio Ionic has developed an eye-catching line to bring out the artist in you, called Bio Ionic Street Art, which features a Pro Dryer and Pro Iron" for finishing and styling. The artwork on the products reflects a modernized twist on the street art trend.

Here, Bio Ionic offers a how-to on achieving a Mohawk braid ideal for short- to medium-haired clients.


STEP 1: Begin by sectioning the hair into four sections. Section the middle Mohawk section as thick or as thin as desired for the finished look.

STEP 2: Begin blow drying at the section near the neck using the Street Art Limited Addition Dryer and a Silver Classic Medium Round Brush. Direct hair at a 90° angle to create volume at the root. 

STEP 3: At the Mohawk section, over direct the hair toward the face while drying.

STEP 4: Taking 1” subsections, use your desired texturizing powder at the root of the Mohawk section. Use your fingers to work the powder into the hair to create additional volume.

STEP 5: Build on top of the texture created and French Braid the hair leaving 1” at the root. This will give the Braid height. 

STEP 6: Tuck the ends of the braid between the French Braid and the scalp and pin.

STEP 7: Taking 1” subsections, run the Street Art Iron half way down the section.

STEP 8:  Rotate the Street Art Iron 90° and glide down the hair to create a loose textured curl. Curl every other curl in opposite directions for a more textured look.

STEP 9: Use fingers to piece out the ends and use desired hair spray to set. Voilá!

Tools Used:
Bio Ionic Street Art Dryer
Bio Ionic Street Art Styling Iron 1”
Bio Ionic SilverClassic Medium Round Brush
Bio Ionic Styling Clips

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