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Best of Coachella 2014: Kate Bosworth

Chandler Rollins | April 22, 2014 | 1:50 PM

Best of Coachella 2014: Kate Bosworth As much as it is a music festival Coachella is also a feast of fashion and style. Glam girls and guys get prepped for the weekend, decked out in stand-out styles. While sunnies, hot pants and maxi dresses were among top trends, these boho chic looks were completed with tousled waves, twisted buns and sleek strands adorned with flowers or wide brimmed hats. We're recapping the event by looking at a few hot celebs with serious style inspiration.

Kate Bosworth's famous, fabulous top-knot is a great way to keep hair neatly out of the way for the weekend.

STEP ONE: Start with a great smooth blow-out using NEVO Intense Therapy and Hydra Pearls on damp hair.

STEP TWO: NEVO Hydra Pearls are a must-have for the dry desert weekend.  Slick hair back into a tight ponytail. 

STEP THREE: Place a hair donut around the ponytail at the base.  Separate the ponytail and lightly backcomb strands. 

STEP FOUR: Lightly smooth out the strands and wrap hair around the donut, securing loose ends beneath with bobby pins. Finish with NEVO Super Shape for all-day hold.

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