8 New-Talent Tips: Advice From the 2014 NAHA Newcomer Finalists

Chandler Rollins | July 10, 2014 | 8:47 AM
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Bailey Brute NAHA Newcomer Submission
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Carley Throgmorton NAHA Newcomer Submission
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The North American Hairstyling Awards's Newcomer Stylist of the Year category seeks to recognize rising talent in the professional hair styling industry and is meant to bridge the gap between Student Hairstylist of the Year and Hairstylist of the year. Who better to give advice on taking your career to the next level than this year's finalists? Bailey Bute, Ksenia Kim, Chris Rushton, Carley Throgmorton and Jaelyn Walker offer their words of wisdom:

1. Be proactive. Whether it’s asking for referrals or leaving a discount card with a restaurant bill, all exposure counts.

2. Ask for support. Your employers and colleagues are a resource that can push you to do things you might not think you're capable of.

3. Accept failure. You can do anything once and fail, but what’s important is the experience that will help shape your career path. 4. Network online. Log on to social media even when you are not busy to document your work and build your digital portfolio.

4. Network online. Log on to social media even when you are not busy to document your work and build your digital portfolio.

5. Self-evaluate. Compete with yourself rather than the next stylist. Always strive to be better than your last standard.

6. Life long learning. Never think you are better than someone. Whether negative or positive, there’s always a valuable lesson learned.

7. Stay motivated. Believe in yourself and love what you do. A dream or wish cannot become reality through magic; it takes work and passion.

8. Get inspired. Use your creative eye. Inspiration is all around you if you’re looking for it.

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