10 Things Successful Stylists Do Every Day

May 1, 2017 | 9:01 AM
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Shaila Paredes, Brows by Shaila, Los Angeles, CA
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Julie Nhi, Cosmic Nails, Charlotte, NC
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Sue Scott, Wisp Salon, Alexandria VA
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Lauren Muniz, Rouge 22 Salon, Chattanooga, TN
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Fernando Adame, Final Cut Hair Studio, Albuquerque, N
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Tammy Muniz, Rouge 22 Salon, Chattanooga, TN
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Antonio Heath, The Tonsorial Shave, Birmingham, MI
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It’s liberating to step out on your own as a salon owner, forging your own path to success and setting your own terms for what that looks like. But it can also be overwhelming to balance all those new responsibilities, like marketing, inventory and budgeting, which is what makes successful Sola beauty professionals look like well-groomed super heroes. These individuals have somehow figured out the magic formula that it takes to rise from novice to powerhouse.

And it starts with their daily habits.

Here are 10 things that successful Sola owners do everyday to empower their business.

1. They truly get to know their clients.

“I familiarize myself with my clients who are coming in each day. I have a client driven business, and without them there is no 'Brows by Shaila'. I look at each appointment as an opportunity to catch up with a friend. We will talk about the look they want to achieve, what's going on in their life and if there are any new products or procedures that would benefit them. By having a good, personal relationship with each and every client, it creates comfort and trust, and growth comes from the word of mouth and referrals. Brows by Shaila is a privilege for me. I love what I do, and my clients are at the center of that, so it's only appropriate that I revolve my daily routine around them.” Shaila Paredes, Brows by Shaila, Los Angeles, CA

2. They listen to their clients.

“One of the most important practices that I do for my business everyday is listening to the clients. It's a simple rule, yet very effective for sustaining a successful business. I am not only here to offer quality services, but I am also creating a personal environment where clients can trust me. Making clients feel appreciated and look special is my main focus here at Sola Salons, and it’s helped me evolve my business from having no clients to being fully booked within three months.” Julie Nhi, Cosmic Nails, Charlotte, NC

3. They stay focused on their client.

“I would say that the most important thing that I do on a daily basis to make sure that my business is a success is treat each and every guest that's sitting in my chair with my undivided attention, and provide them with excellent customer service. Sola has given us all such an amazing opportunity to do this with our private studios. My guests love the privacy and attention to detail when they come to my salon.” Sue Scott, Wisp Salon, Alexandria VA

4. They show off their work.

“Every day I take photos of the hair I create. Sometimes before-and-after shots, other times even fun "boomerangs" of the process. I also put together side-by-side images or collages using the "Layout" app, and then tag my work with our salon hashtag (#rouge22salon). That's helps people to start familiarizing themselves with our name.

Getting people used to seeing my work every day, on average three times a day, is what helps to build my business. When I share from Instagram to Facebook, and tag my clients in the photos, new potential clients are seeing my creations! Some, for the first time. It never fails - when I get a new guest in my chair, I will usually get about three referrals that same day. I love that my passion shows through my photos!” Lauren Muniz, Rouge 22 Salon, Chattanooga, TN

5. They seek out regular reviews.

“Recap your day to all of your clients with a simple SMS or email to review your service appointment. Provide them with your social media hyperlinks and ask them to rate you. Their testimonials will be the key to any future business.” Fernando Adame, Final Cut Hair Studio, Albuquerque, NM

6. They stay consistent.

“The most important thing I do daily to grow my business is "consistency"! Everyday I post pics of our work, on Instagram and Facebook. At least 2-3 daily. Our clients expect it, and it's used to refer new clients. New people to town find us from our pics and the #rouge22salon hashtag. What's a better business card, than your work!?” Tammy Muniz, Rouge 22 Salon, Chattanooga, TN

7. They manage their time well.

“Managing your time wisely is important. You may have to return emails, phone calls and text messages while you’re between guests or while they are processing. Being responsive to your clients is a must! We are the receptionist, assistant and stylist.” Sue Scott, Wisp Salon, Alexandria VA

8. They are respectful of schedules.

“The most important thing that has worked for me and my career is not just showing up, but being on time. Everyone’s in a hurry and rushed these days. When scheduling appointments, you want to make sure you get your clients in the chair at the time that they’re scheduled, because this helps your clients schedule what they need to do around their hair appointments, and that’s what makes everything work.” Antonio Heath, The Tonsorial Shave, Birmingham, MI

9. They keep inventory stocked, and encourage product sales.

“I keep our products fully stocked. Our product sales continue to drive our business. We always carry our favorites, and we bring in new ones regularly. We teach our clients they need these products if they want to maintain what we give them.” Tammy, Rouge 22 Salon, Chattanooga, TN

10. They book a client’s next appointment before they leave.

“I always encourage them to pre-book their next appointment so they can get the time they want, and I would say 90 percent of my clients pre-book. This sets you up for success, and keeps your guests coming back in a timely fashion.”  Sue Scott, Wisp Salon, Alexandria VA


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