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Identifying the 6 Skin Types to Prescribe the Right Regiment for Your Clients

Jamie Newman | April 20, 2017 | 2:28 PM
Reactive Skin is dry skin with small pores, even if there are some larger pores present on either side of the nose. Reactive skin may look similar to dry skin but it reacts easily to products. Reactions can include burning, rash or itching. Does not produce excess sebaceous oil but may get oily during the day due to stress or environment.
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Oily Skin has larger pores on approximately 1/2 of the face. The large pore pattern comprises of the forehead, cheek and chin area and will extend wider than the areas for Combo Skin.
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Mature skin is either over 40 years old or prematurely aged with lifestyle. Because of a breakdown or loss of collagen and elastin, mature skin needs stimulation with anti aging products.
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Dry Skin has small pores even though there may be some larger pores on and next to the nose.
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Combo Skin has larger pores on approximately 1/3 of the face. This combination can occur in a few different combinations: cheeks and chin, forehead and cheeks, or t-zone.
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Acne Skin can occur at any age and may present as dry, combo, oily, or reactive skin with a genetic or active chronic breakout. When working on acne, it is important to address dietary concerns to try and pinpoint triggers while controlling the bacteria and breakouts clients are currently experiencing.
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Lisa and Lori Nestore have spent their entire lives immersed in the beauty industry.

The Nestore sisters’ parents were hairdressers and owned salons. Although their mother was working with hair, the sisters say her true passion was skin care.

“This led her to create Tu’el over 30 years ago, becoming not only one of the first American professional skin care lines, but one created for every skin type, ethnicity, gender and age,” the sisters say. “Since then, we have learned the ins and outs of the biz and have surrounded and slathered ourselves with products and treatments as licensed estheticians.”

Now, Lisa and Lori serve as co-presidents of Tu’el. Tu’el delivers high performance botanical formulas specifically designed to treat all skin types and conditions. Our custom formulations give you the most effective results that balance and improve your skin’s health and overall appearance. Lori has taken the sales and educational role for the company. She travels all across the U.S. and internationally, training skincare professionals and speaking at tradeshows. Lisa heads the marketing and product development, keeping the brand current, product formulations natural and up to date with skin care trends.

Tu’el is focused on finding a skin care regiment that is individualized by a client’s specific needs and skin type. Its website bullet points characteristics of each skin type—dry, combination, oily, reactive, acne and mature—and what Tu’el solutions can be used to benefit it. Click through the slideshow to view symptoms of each skin type to easily diagnose an accurate solution for your clients, and prescribe them the perfect regiment.

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