Sydney's 2017 Day With Keune Inspires with Top Talent from Global Artists

Alison Alhamed | June 11, 2017 | 4:33 PM
X-Presion Creativos of Spain show the evolution of the pixel technique they created.
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Tiago Aprigio's Spotlighting highlight technique.
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Kozo by Inspired Gear and Tao of Hair: Sam Han and Daniel Yap.
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Kozo by Inspired Gear and Tao of Hair: Sam Han and Daniel Yap.
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The Royal Majesty by Maria Cathy Goretti Sukasti of Indonesia.
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The Royal Majesty by Maria Cathy Goretti Sukasti of Indonesia.
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Keune's Foundation Ball 2017, hosted by Keune Austalia, presented a Harajuku-themed Tokyo Neon Disco. Pictured: Keune North America's Gabriella Arenas, Rachael Hoffman, Rachel Litsky, Rita Rubenstein.
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Keune Australia (Keune ANZ) is Keune Haircosmetics largest distributor and, every two years, hosts a hair and fashion show featuring local and international top session stylists and colorists. The event is called Day with Keune—a full day of immersive education and stage presentations focusing on technique, inspiration and fashion-infused collaboration.

The show began with a warm welcome from Hans van der Velden, president of Keune ANZIS, the largest distributor of Keune in the world. The audience of global attendees included guests from North America—the Keune Loyalty Club attendees—Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re a family business,” van der Velden said to the audience. “But we aren’t small—backstage we have 150 color directors and 70 models.”

To kick-start the day of celebrating the artists and artistry behind the global Keune brand, The Art Series Trophy brought all the finalists on stage for an announcement of four major awards in the brand’s photographic competition.  Judges Choice Award: Anthony Bayer of New Zealand; The Journal Choice Award: Jo Banks of Western Australia; Apprentice winner: Lauren Govier of Southern Australia; Senior winner: Jo Banks of Western Australia.

The of Royal Majesty by Cathy Christopher from Indonesia absolutely delighted the audience with model after model in what can only be called a presentation of hair couture inspired by Indonesian provinces. The team transformed hair into architecture and sculptural art while the beauty and heritage of the Indonesian regions were displayed through massive screened backdrops of the epic scenery and rich culture.

For Street Salon, Roberto Tarla, Keune Creative Director, and Sam Rizzo, Keune Creative Artistic Ambassador, presented Beyond True Beauty, with model after model showcasing new color shades in the Keune family, and cutting, styling and texturizing techniques. Each time a new model was presented, the audience cheered upon learning the new formulations that will be available in the coming months.

The Global Ambassadors shared that while the looks on stage were extreme, the techniques in cut and color can be made more salon-friendly and soft with similar application techniques but more commercial shades.

“As stylists, it’s really important we keep learning and embracing trends and change,” Rizzo says. “If we don’t embrace change how do we expect our clients to?”

Brazilian brand ambassador Tiago Aprigio shared his Spotlighting highlight technique designed to create the most natural look possible, inspired by iconic Brazilian supermodels and celebrities.

Aprigio, who is an A-list celebrity colorist in Brazil, a regular at Sao Paulo Fashion Week and has nearly 100,000 Instagram followers, puts a large focus on the top section of his models’ hair, creating Mohawks with either all horizontal, or all vertical—depending on his desired effect— backcombed back-to-back sections of Keune’s Ultimate Blonde Powder lightener,

“Color progression happens with the brush and where the product is applied,” Tiago says. “Apply the lightener and then blend and push the product up to the top. For the lightening effect to look natural, imagine you’re applying eyeshadow—the color progression has to start with the product otherwise you create marks and bleeding.”

Kozo, a Japanese word for structure, was brought to life by Daniel Yap and Sam Han of Inspired Gear. Beginning with a Harajuku fest of pastel-wigged cheerleaders who danced to music and brought the crowd to their feet, and ending with an inspirational, complex display of gravity-defying looks with undercuts and braids and bells and hair art.

The headliner for the day, X-Presions Creativos from Spain—the team responsible for creating the internet-breaking Pixelated hair color technique that reached millions and made global headlines—closed out the day’s session.

Their goal was to showcase the evolution of the pixel through Disruption—three-dimensional coloring techniques and styling, all created layer by layer.

“We don’t just look at a hairdresser as someone who cuts hair, we look at a hairdresser as someone who creates art,” the team says.

On stage, the X-Presion Creativos team of Jorge Cancer, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jose Luis Almendral dropped jaws by using depth to create the 3D effects.

“Obviously your client can’t replicate these looks at home,” X-Presion says. “Because of our creativity, we increase the returnability of our clients, we have a point of difference from our competitors, and we actually really enjoy what we’re doing.”

The Day With Keune closed with a Harajuku-themed Tokyo Neon Disco party benefiting the Keune Foundation Ball (TKF). TKF was established in 2005 to provide emotional and financial assistance to Australian families who have a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. TKF has supported more than 500 families to date.  


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