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Idealogue 2017: A Great Success

Maggie Mulhern | October 26, 2017 | 9:33 AM
Jamie Dana (@jamiedanahairstylist) shares how social media helped bring positivity to her life
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Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist) welcomes daughter Magnolia (@confessionsofaminihairstylist) to close a powerful talk on her climb
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Lala Chihaia (@lalasupdos) tells us to keep swimming, as she shares her journey from not speaking English to being one of the top educators in the industry
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Attendees play pretend as R+Co’s Collective, Garren, Howard McLaren, and Thom Priano (@randcohair)
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Attendees visit the Pro Shop and explore Smith & Cult’s (@smithandcult) latest shades
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Attendees visit Smith & Cult’s makeup bar to try on their newest products 
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Visitors to V76 by Vaughn’s (@v76) space enjoyed a haircut and on-site tattoos
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Visitors to V76 by Vaughn’s (@v76) space enjoyed a haircut and on-site tattoos
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Frankie Greek (@grankiefreek) leads a discussion among artists whose social media stardom likens that of the hair industry, including special FX makeup artist @alexfaction, tattoo artist @feralcatbox and contemporary artist @heartbread
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Meetropolitan West was an ideal venue for Idealogue.
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MODERN's Maggie Mulhern
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LBP's SVP of Special Projects, Lyndsey Bardnell (@hey_ellbee) welcomes an enthusiastic crowd to Idealogue
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Attendees capture insights from Idealogue’s speakers
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LBP CEO Tev Finger closes another successful Idealogue
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DECK: The third annual Idealogue united the industry for 2 days, covering innovation, technology and all other aspects designed to inspired, empower and build business. More than 400 salon professionals were treated to an intense program, with Keynote Seth Godin kicking off the event titled: Idealogue: Social Currency.



More than 400 salon owners, independent stylists and digital gurus attended Idealogue: Social Currency featuring 18-time worldwide best-selling author and change agent Seth Godin this fall in New York City. Luxury Brand Partners (LBP) brought together the leading minds in social media to explore the importance of economic and personal growth in a rapidly changing industry.


This, the third annual Idealogue conference, took place at NYC’s Metropolitan West and opened with a keynote speech and Q&A session with Seth Godin (@sethgodin), who spoke about standing above the “noise” and doing work that matters.  It was the perfect way to kick off an inspiring and exciting industry event.


Among the who’s who of industry experts and speakers and topics were:

  • Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam), on-air beauty expert, Today Show tastemaker and YouTube personality
  • Ursula Stephen (@ursulastephen), visionary hairstylist behind the iconic looks of Rihanna and Kerry Washington
  • Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist), educator, author, curator of @theconfessionsofahairstylist
  • Jamie Dana (@jamiedanahairstylist), hair blogger who teaches social media for businesses
  • Jeff Arbour (@jeffarbour), co-founder of Chameleon Collective, a team of entrepreneurs and change makers who help build great companies
  • Julius Caesar (@juliuscaesar) L.A. barber, Wahl education and artistic team member
  • Johnny Wright (@johnnywright220), educator and celebrity hairstylist to Michelle Obama
  • Frankie Greek (@grankiefreek), Snapchat creator, social journalist and digital host at Uproxx Media
  • Victor Valverde (victorval), senior hairstylist, salon guru and business consultant
  • And our own Beauty and Fashion Director Maggie Mulhern (@modernmaggie1) who chatted about the reality of social media and the importance of looking beyond Instagram.


Attendees absorbed information from the experts through panel discussions, TED-style talks and interactive conversations tailored specifically to the industry and its changing needs. A show floor offered memorabilia and social activations where guests were treated to the latest products, tools and services under the LBP umbrella and even got a chance to learn more about one of our favorite talk shows: Late Night With Tev Finger. The event also marked the official online launch of LBP’s Social Media Magic Class, which will provide each student with the tools he or she needs to create a strong social media presence in the ever-changing nature of the salon industry.


"What makes Idealogue special is that it is both provocative and insightful, and it seeks out a truth by offering our audience a variety of unique perspectives,” says Tev Finger, CEO, Luxury Brand Partners.  “While social was the focus, every speaker reinforced that what we do, at its core, is bigger than likes or followers. Seth Godin said it best, ‘Followers are a gauge of attention, but that number says nothing about trust, which is the ultimate gauge of a person’s decision to use your services, buy your products, and spend time with you. We spend too much time focusing on attention and too little on trust.' It’s our goal at LBP and the mission of Idealogue to continue offering ideas that will positively impact our industry for years to come.”


This Idealogue was inspiring for the attendees who walked away with the tools and guidance to build business while having fun doing it!


Seth Godin on sharing ideas:

A highlight of Idealogue was when Seth Godin opened the floor for a Q and A. See how he answers a tough question:

And Godin gives a bumbling Maggie Mulhern a minute to answer the question: Which of his books should we all read:

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