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Airbush-Effect Color Application Two Ways

Jamie Newman | November 7, 2017 | 4:54 AM
Vernon Fuentes achieved this color effect using a combination of the spray bottle and brush/bowl techniques.

Whether you’re more comfortable using a brush and bowl or want to step outside of the box, L’anza Design Team Member Vernon Fuentes of Pulse Hair Salon in Denver explains how to create a unique, multidimensional airbrush color effect during his class at L’anza’s B.I.G. Event in Cancun.

On dry, prelightened hair, section hair into a heart shape on the top of the head. Continue to section starting with the back, in sections about as wide as a foil or color film. Fuentes prefers to start in the back for a longer deposit there.

Option 1: In spray bottles, combine two parts L’anza Vibes to one part Color Guard. This creates the perfect “airbrush” consistency to spray out of the bottle and added staying power.

“You’re going to find that in the salon this is going to be a really fantastic tool to apply toners, shadow roots and creating something really interesting using a combination of colors on really long hair,” Fuentes says.

Option 2: In color bowls, combine two parts L’anza Vibes to one part clear. This creates a better consistency and added control for using a brush to apply color.

For both options, spray or apply color in V-shapes that seamlessly blend into one another. If using the spray bottles, spray about six inches from the head.

 In this instance, Vern uses three different colors but says four can work too.

 “I tend to apply in back to back sections in the same color pattern to really build up that color story,” Fuentes says.

 Repeat same color patterns on each time of the head for symmetry. Let process 10-15 minutes.


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