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Kaemark Wins Exclusive Deal with Ecoheads

Stacey Soble | January 4, 2018 | 9:25 AM
A sample of Kaemark shampoo bowls that can be outfitted with the Ecoheads spray nozzles.
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The new state-of-the-art Kaemark showroom.
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Kaemark, one of America’s largest salon design and furnishings manufacturer, has partnered with sustainability champion Ecoheads to become the furniture partner exclusively distributing the water-saving spray nozzles that are delighting salon professionals and salon clients around the globe. From now on, all Kaemark clients will be offered Ecoheads showerheads as an option with their new basins and early reports indicate not many salon owners are turning down the eco-friendly, performance enhancing option.

“To be able to offer Ecoheads while the salon is in the build-out or remodel phase gives our clients an easy, convenient installation,” says Kaemark CEO Jeff Owen. “We’ve found most of our clients, large and small, are striving to reduce their environmental impact and will always opt for a fitting that enhances the guest experience. Ecoheads does both so this partnership was an easy decision for us.”

Ecoheads is a revolutionary tool for the professional salon, delivering a high-pressure flow of water while saving up to 65 per cent of the water used with a conventional showerhead. The water savings not only helps the planet, but rewards the salon owner with savings on their utilities bills and delivers a premium guest experience with cleaner water, with better pressure.

“It’s important for Ecoheads that our showerheads find their way into as many salons as possible, to not only help stylists discover the impact of cleaner water on the hair but to amplify the water savings across the country,” says Valorie Tate of Ecoheads North America. “As Kaemark is the largest provider of salon furnishings we feel this will help salons discover Ecoheads and the industry’s impact on the environment will continue to shrink at a faster rate.”

Kaemark is not only the biggest manufacturer of salon furniture in America but it is also home to the largest showroom for salon equipment, supplying a huge variety of branded and non-branded furniture as well as its own custom-made lines. Each year it supplies equipment and furniture to thousands of salons. Earlier this year, it opened the largest purpose-built salon warehouse in the country, allowing it to extend its range and ramp up manufacture of its own product ranges, ensuring their salons can rest easy with American made quality.

“Even if only a fraction of our clients opt for Ecoheads’ environmentally friendly showerheads, that will still amount to millions of gallons of water saved across the country,” explains Jeff. “But we are confident it will be more than a fraction as early adoption has been so astounding. Almost all our current design and fit clients have already opted for the showerhead, knowing it will save them money and look good.”

For more information visit or email [email protected] Call 877.KAEMARK (877.523.6275 Ext.0) to book an appointment. Showroom hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

About Kaemark: Based in Giddings, TX, Kaemark is the largest manufacturer of professional salon and spa furnishings in the country, as well as a leader in stylish, state-of-the-art salon design. It is a family-established brand, which prides itself on quality, custom designs and reliability. It manufacturers all its own brands in the USA, while also representing other manufacturers, including Maletti, One World Inspired, and Savvy. Together these brands represent the largest portfolio of furniture and equipment in the US, allowing Kaemark to offer salons the combination of extensive choice with the expert design skills of the highly experienced Kaemark design team.

Originally posted on Salon Today.

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